Help With Multiple Sclerosis

Good afternoon dear readers. I am going to ask for your help today. This won’t be like last time where I pimped some DVDs on you, no today is a little more serious.

Multiple Sclerosis was something I was completely ignorant about until a few months ago. Sure I saw the telethons and I even made my donation to the cause, but now it has made a personal impact on my life. Don’t worry I’m not asking you for money. Let me also clarify that I do not actually have MS myself.

What I’m asking for is your help to reach 100,000 signatures on a petition that will allow for a clinical trial on Low Dose Naltrexone here in the US. This drug (taken in pill form) is cheaper ($30 vs. $1100 montly) and less painful than daily injections. Current MS treatments feel almost as bad as MS attacks themselves.

Help me spread the word and ask your friends and family to sign the petition. Here is the direct URL that you can copy to an e-mail message:

Thank you.

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