Blogger Life Cycle

Gee, if I knew the secret to receiving comments was simply stating I have nothing to write about I would have started that trend much sooner.


Survived the weekend even if I feel like complete horse-pucky today. My allergies are attempting a violent takeover and the smattering cocktail of Aleve, Allegra 180, Claritin & Singulair I took this morning has only made me slightly schizophrenic. Saw Troy Saturday night, have a review coming on that one. Worked the 2Bones photo shoot Sunday. I ended up taking some photos (unexpectedly) and overall I was not happy with my set. I’ll probably post a handful of photos a little later this week when I have time to edit them.

Read through my previous entry’s comments and I agree with Ryan that the blog fad is fading and the content is stale. Frankly, there’s a reason writers and artisans get paid (or should get paid) to do what they do – that shit ain’t easy. I wish I had something entertaining to say each and every day, my ego would certainly appreciate the audience. (There I said it) But a blog is like most of my relationships.

You put on your best face for as long as you can. You tell your best jokes, rehash your best stories, spend six months overflowing in lust-driven-creative-juices. Then one day, you take a break and get back to your routine. And let’s face it, your routine just ain’t all that interesting. Super you might be amazing, but nobody has the stamina to be happy-go-lucky 24×7.

So you move from being that newbie blogger so eager to join in cyber-comradre, to a blogger stalker fan who posts frequently but comments more, to the jaded-semi-retired blogger who after your one year anniversary decides that blogger flame wars aren’t any fun unless you started them and nobody knows the real you. Some folks just up and quit leaving a trail of dead blogs like washed out dot com sites in 2000. Others throw out a lifeline and ask the community “I&#8217m going to leave now, should I blog or not?”

I hope I fall into another category, those that are retooling their site with a new direction in mind. I will always aspired to write as well as Ryan, be as funny as Rob and somehow manage blogger fame like Tony Pierce or Mr. Perry.

And hopefully that’s enough to keep people interested.

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  • god May 17, 2004   Reply →

    i’ll always be interested … 🙂

  • Rob May 18, 2004   Reply →

    I hear ya, bruddah. Keep blugging away. Remember – only the strong survive . . . or something like that.

    Meanwhile, some of us are still floating around in cyber-hyperspace, trying to get our sites set back up to rise out of the ashes like the mighty Phoenix from Arizona.

    Um . . . or something like that.

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