Cell Phone Virus?

Somebody hand me a condom to slip over my phone. Apparently cell phones can be attacked by computer viruses now.

Add that to the list of made up excuses for not answering your cell phone. “Sorry honey, I would have picked up, but some pesky virus kept my phone from ringing.”

I need a shot of whiskey and a Mountain Dew.

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  • Da Goddess June 15, 2004   Reply →

    You only need to have the phone wear protection if you’re going to deep throat it.

  • Ryan Christie June 24, 2004   Reply →

    Technically AJ, but only for stupid people willing to accept the dialogue box that pops up warning about an installation occuring. Oh wait, I referenced stupid people, buckets of those suckers out there.

    Our mobile devices are doomed.

    Hopefully it’ll be a virus that uncontrollably downloads full spreads of the latest Hustler magazine. Unfortunate, but I could learn to live with it.

  • Choz* June 27, 2004   Reply →

    You know the weird thing is I was asking someone at work if phones can get viruses now that we’re downloading stuff from the net on them.

    I recently started checking my email from my phone. It’s why I asked… what a coincidence you posted that, huh?

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