No, No, You’re Right…

Heh, sure is dusty around this old website. I was going to rant about women, but then I caught Oprah followed by Dr. Phil and the energy was sapped right outta me. Actually, I have something else on the brain atm. It was a few months back when things were crazy busy – oh wait, things ARE STILL crazy busy – so yeah, whatever, one month ago I’m talkin’ to my good buddy Ron. He was explainin’ to me that as I approach my mid-life crisis I should take into account that risks are no longer part of the picture. Now is the time for me to be more responsible than ever because as I’ve been reminded of quite a bit recently I seem to be getting older. Next year I’ll cross over that threshold where I’m no longer in the 18-34 age bracket that can ogle Britney’s boobs without being consider a dirty old man. More to the point, age inherently brings about the idea of less risk.

Yup, I’ll admit I’m pretty stubborn. Been chasing after something I can’t get my hands on since as long as I can remember. Longtime readers know that my life hasn’t changed course since the market fell back in 2000. Each small step forward has been followed by huge setbacks, most of them financial. Add my most recent woes with identity theft and it would appear I’m not only on the Short Bus™, but I’m the damn driver.

BUT if there’s one thing I can’t stand is when people decide it’s in your best interest to get The Lecture™ as if that’s a great way to motivate a person.

“You’d be foolish to start a business at your age. How will you ever square away your debts?”

“Pretty soon you’ll have to realize that it’s time to set aside those dreams of yours and concentrate on making some real income.”

“It’s nice that you like your job, but if it’s not paying the bills then something’s got to change.”

Well yeah, I hear ya, but quit naggin’ me so I can figure it out alright. People seem to forget that for all their good intentions IT’S MY LIFE. And YES, I know the teaching gig sucks for money, but hardly anyone has noticed that yours truly has just a little less stress on the brain these days. Forget the fact that I actually enjoy my job for once. Forget the fact that I seem to be pretty good at it. Sure I’m hoping that I can pull in some extra cash, but I don’t need to be constantly reminded of all the other things I could (or should) be doing. I don’t need to be reminded of all the things that are financially out of my league. Nobody knows more than me the current drama, real or otherwise exaggerated, the happiness, the dreams, the sadness.

And it sucks that on an otherwise really good day people seem to go out of their way to put you in a really bad mood.

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  • melissa July 13, 2004   Reply →

    People tend to feel threatened by those who are happy and going for a shot at their dreams. The way I figure, hey, at least you’re going for it and if you’re happy then that’s all the better. Hang in there and remember if you’re happy and you have some peace of mind you must be doing something right.

  • jer July 13, 2004   Reply →

    I think most people don’t really figure out what they want to do till about their 30’s. Going through piss poor job experiences just in order to live… when you find something that you enjoy… you realize what you have.

    Never give up on a dream, on some kind of happiness just because other people tell you no.

    They are not you, they do not live in your skin, live your life, and can not tell you what happiness truly is for you.

    Life is too short to live it hating each and everyday because of a job.

    Take it from a man that knows.

    Bestest Wishes to you A.J.

    Just don’t forget about us lil’ people in your teaching sucess.

  • Thought Minion July 14, 2004   Reply →

    moving around like an old man with a walker across the street

    some may have heard the rumor that it just may be the day of my birth… some time ago… that rumor would be correct… thank you for all the pleasant wishes… i’ll e-mail everyone later with my address so you…

  • madkat July 15, 2004   Reply →

    I’m on the same bus, baby!

    I’ve been reading a great book full of inspiration and ideas: “What Should I Do With My Life” by Po Bronson. I recommend it to anyone who is feeling a bit shakey about their place in the world.

  • Jonnie July 15, 2004   Reply →

    You only get one life (or even if that isn’t true, it’s best to act AS IF it were ::nudge nudge:: ::wink wink::)so you might as well live it right.
    I’m totally starting over in my early 30s and even if it doesn’t pay off, you’ll at least enjoy the ride & ANYTHING’s better than drudgery.

  • Joe July 15, 2004   Reply →

    It is your life and your dream! This old world would be in sad shape if no one took a chance! Hang in there.

  • Kat July 15, 2004   Reply →

    I came via Jer, and hello to ya.

    I’m playing it safe right now because of family and kids but it’s not my intention (nor my husband’s) to let that go on much longer. We’re just doing what we need to do for now.

    You are the one who knows what’s best for you. Starting a business or new career is never easy and it takes time to flourish so naturally there will be setbacks. You’ll know when it’s the right time to keep going or to give up better than anyone else, including well-meaning friends and family.

    To make that paragraph a lot shorter: Just listen to yourself.

    Good luck!

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