Parking Violation

And then there are the moments that I appreciate the comfort of strangers…

Thanks to the folks leaving positive trinkets at my blog door. More thanks to Jer for sending acolytes of Happy Happy Joy Joy my way. You’ll be glad to know that the past couple of days perked up (or it was simply an attitude adjustment by yours truly).

However, since it is Thursday, which is not quite Friday nor the weekend, I had to log in some confrontation time as I’ve been lax lately. You might recall the last time I flipped a nut on someone.

Anyways… At lunch I was walking out to the parking lot when I noticed this guy pull up next to my car on the driver’s side. As I got closer I noticed he had parked right up beside my car so I wouldn’t be able to open the driver’s door. As he stepped out of his car I mentioned his minor parking infraction and asked him if he could kindly move his vehicle. Without missing a beat he tells me I shouldn’t have parked like a dumbass and proceeds to walk past me.

I’m the dumbass? There were plenty of empty spaces all around my car. I asked a second time with authority and I got a huffed “I’m in a hurry, not my problem reply”.

Needless to say it didn’t take me too long to let the air out of ALL of his tires…

Ten years ago I would have put sugar in that schmuck’s gas tank, but then I was a star pupil during my anger-management classes.

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  • jer July 24, 2004   Reply →

    glad you are feeling better about things… sugar takes too long now adays… the tires were a good move…

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