Jump on the MacUpdate Promo Bundle

Just caught Chris Pirillo’s tweet about the MacUpdate Promo Bundle. Looks like a great program. MacUpdate works with developers to get a large discount on their software by running promotions like the current one for a limited time. Software gets added to the bundle as certain sales markers are hit; in this case the targets are 5000, 10,000 and 15,000 units. People who purchase the bundle early will receive the additional programs once the target numbers are hit.

The bundle includes the following software:

Hazel – organize and automate file management.

Art Text – turn text into graphics.

MenuCalendarClock for iCal – adds iCal info to Menu Bar.

Leap – File management utility to replace Finder. (Chris says this product alone makes the bundle worth buying)

StoryMill – digital story boarding.

Typinator – autocorrect for OSX.

DVDRemaster Pro – DVD utility for ripping to & from your hardware.

Sound Studio – Could it be better than Audacity?

BannerZest – Flash banner creator.

Parallels Desktop – You should know what this is… no really, you should.

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