iPhone Dedication to @JohnHays

This is a quick late night post for John Hays; my buddy who’s slowly joining the Cult of Mac. Today John grabbed an iPhone, the precursor to next week’s Apple shopping spree I’m soooooo jealous. The good news is John will probably have me over to do some setup stuff, and I’ll get to drool over his new toys. But I digress…

Earlier today the subject of iPhone apps came up, because, well… what’s an iPhone without apps? Now there are a ton of lists out there, but one more (especially one written for my pal) can’t be bad for folks wanting to know. So here in no particular order is my list of iPhone apps:

1. Air Sharing by Avatron – turns the iPhone into a WiFi accessible hard drive. Use it all the time in class to transfer files for students. Jumped in when it was a free app, sells now for about $6.99.

2. Evernote – The ability to take notes in many forms, e.g., audio, photo, text, on-the-go then sync with a computer makes this part of my everyday arsenal.

3. 1Password – I have not converted everything over to this utility. Graham at ImJustCreative recommends a solid system for password recall, but I do find it convenient for the numerous websites that require a password.

4. Twittelator ProTweetDeck is my desktop computer Twitter client of choice, but for on-the-go iPhone communications, you can’t beat Twittelator Pro. The ability to group tweets makes this app useful for tracking conversations.

5. NetNewsWire – All the hip kids are grabbin’ RSS feeds to stay on top of their favorite sites, and NetNewWire is the Mac OS X app of choice. Now on the iPhone.

6. Shazam – This is probably my favorite “not work” app. When you have an 8-Track player in your car, the radio is all you got for current tunes. Letting Shazam pick the artist’s info from my FM station, and tag it so I can purchase from iTunes is AWESOME.

7. Shozu – I’m hoping to get to a one-post-one-email system to upload images to all my social networks, but Shozu does the job sending to sites one-by-one.

8. Sportacular – Finally, one app to bring me football scores each weekend.

9. Fake Calls – Hey look, I just got a call from Scott Kelby! Just kidding, but the idea of having an escape plan is great for those awkward social moments.

10. Google Earth – You too can hold the world in the palm of your hand.

I left out some obvious choices like Facebook, MySpace & Remote as it won’t be long before those apps are just on the iPhone at time of purchase. To finish off this post, here’s a link to 11 different iPhone App review sites.

If you know of a cool app, that both John & I should get, leave some comments with your suggestions.

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