Say Happy Birthday To My Wife!

It’s 2:34 in the morning and I’m sitting amongst the shadows.
The moon slips through the blinds as I catch my reflection in front of me.
He smiles at me and I can’t help but think “God She’s Wonderful!”
Waves of emotion come crashing `round me. I feel exuberated, frightened, anxious, all in the same breath, but never before have I been more focused. I feel the subtle caress of Destiny and stand fast to embrace it, this rousing desire in my heart. She is my Muse, my Strength, perhaps the essence of my Soul. I found myself wanting, encumbered by my fears only to shine in the light of her beauty. These feelings once so distant, overwhelm me as I am rejuvenated. I am Whole. May God bless you Michelle as He has certainly blessed me; for the realization of my dreams is more than I could ask for on this day.
Happy Birthday Babe, I Love You Lots.
– A.J.

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