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It’s almost midnight as I type up this quick entry. Quick being the objective as I’m still a bit under the weather and according to the docs, should be resting this bit of pneumonia instead of chatting late into the evening. However, I’m reminded that minutes equal days equal months and before you know it, your blog relevance has none because you don’t post often enough.

But I digress…

Like other Mac faithful, I had hoped to be inspired or at least amazed by announcements coming from Macworld last week, but expectations fell a bit short. I am sorry that I did not have a chance to go in person, as there are many a Twittering folk I would like to have met in person. As there was no announcement of a newer, cooler, iPhone or must have MacPro tower, I thought I’d just share my wish list for features on the iPhone:

1. Copy/Paste. Yeah. I said it. Will keep saying it until somebody at Apple gets a clue. I used a Windows “smartphone” before grabbin’ an iPhone and at least that relic had copy & paste. It’s not like this feature would be a luxury. At the very least it would make the iPhone’s lack of a real keyboard more bearable. (Yeah, I said that too.)

2. A configurator for iPhone apps pages. It would be nice to use my desktop computer to arrange the app icons on my iPhone instead of the current “drag one icon at a time” method. Seriously, I was annoyed when I only had three pages of apps to deal with, but now I’m up to six pages. I actually had ten pages until yesterday, when I deleted off a bunch of apps out of boredom & confined bed rest.

3. iPhone App Preview. OK, maybe pricing on iPhone apps is inexpensive compared to other software, but in today’s economy I get ticked off when I waste a dollar. Download ten .99 apps that turn out to be useless, and not only is it a waste of time, but $10 you can’t get refunded. All the review sites don’t compare to a hands-on trial of the software. Build in a trial period, 1 or 2 days, before we have to commit to “the next big iPhone app” that’s really a bust. Speaking of bust, the whole lack of preview thing has made me less inclined to buy new apps for the iPhone. If it’s a choice between a .99 cent iPhone app or Wendy’s Frosty? Sorry Apple, I likes me some chocolate.

4. Qik. Look, everyone knows video works on the iPhone if you jailbreak it. Plenty of people, e.g., the geekiest amongst us, will jailbreak an iPhone to get the best apps. I know APPLE STORE EMPLOYEES with jailbroken phones. Please please please, get a clue. You want to stay “King of the Mountain” and gain even more market share, add the legit video capabilities to the iPhone before they show up in the Android or Blackberry Storm.

Alrighty. I could probably list more things, but it is now after midnight, and I am supposed to be on bedrest.

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