The Award for Worst Adobe Keyboard Shortcut

Hola dear readers! How are you today?

Maybe it’s the classes I’m teaching today (Dreamweaver then Lightroom), but I’ve got keyboard shortcuts on the brain. Here are some quick observations:

1. Why are the Preferences in Dreamweaver activated by CMD+U (CTRL+U) and not CMD+K (CTRL+K)? Was Dreamweaver Uninvited to the preferences party by InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator? It’s not like CMD+K is used for anything in Dreamweaver right now.

2. Speaking of preferences, you don’t even get a keyboard shortcut in Flash, and CMD+K (CTRL+K) opens the Align panel? Oh… I get it. *channels South Park* “I want to align stuff… mmmm K.”

3. I thought “N” as a shortcut for the Survey View in Lightroom was bad until I saw CMD+B (CTRL+B) for the Review Mode (casually referred to as the Carousel View) in Adobe Bridge. Here’s how I remember those two diddys:

“Do you like taking surveys?”

No. Nobody likes taking surveys.”

That’s how I remember N for Survey View.

“It’s Best to review your images Before adding to your design.”

That’s how I remember CMD+B for Review Mode in Bridge.

What shortcuts do you find particular annoying or hard to remember?

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