Are You Catchin’ My Tweets?

Good morning dear readers. Based on recent feedback via Twitter, I am updating my tweet schedule for the following topics:

Adobe Tips – Monday through Friday, I post Adobe software tips at 9am & again at 9pm. Products include, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator & the occasional Acrobat/Bridge tweet.

In the past, I have posted the same product over a week’s timeframe. The challenge has not only been tweeting worthwhile info, but dealing with the brevity of allotted characters. Moving forward I intend to do a different product each day, e.g., Photoshop on Monday, Lightroom on Tuesday, etc. New hashtag is #Tip12pm

Profound Thoughts at 8:52am – Inspired by @Landailyn, I try to kick off your morning with a bit of wit. Sometimes profound, sometimes mundane, I figure if I keep swinging for the fences I’ll hit a couple big ones. I recently added the #852am hashtag to these tweets, and I am using Twitter search to repost & tag older tweets.

If you have thoughts or suggestions hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment (or two).

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