Photoshop Questions? Just Ask A.J.

It’s a quick hit Thursday. I’d say I was recovering from my Photoshop World experience (which was AWESOME), but we both know I’ve been knee deep in work since coming back from Vegas. Plenty of things on my plate, but had to take a moment to announce some cool stuff:

1. Ask A.J. (brought to you by Tip Squirrel) – This new column launched this week. Head over to the Tip Squirrel blog and ask me those nagging Photoshop questions, you know, the ones that keep you stirring about in your chair, scraping your nails against your Wacom tablet. I’ll be answering as many questions as I can each week, and if you behave, I might even thrown in some video responses.

2. Lightroom Core Series – due to the popularity of this seminar, I’m repeating the classes this month. Part 1 – Get Organized kicks off next week on Oct 14th, followed by the Part 2 – Develop It on Oct 21st, and we’ll wrap up with Part 3 – Output/Export on Oct 28th. Advanced registration is $25, or $40 at the door.

Finally had a chance to work on a few photos from my Photoshop World trip. Might post some HDR stuff later, but you’ll enjoy the hazing I took during the Photoshop Challenge EXTREME. Alright, that’s it for now, back to work people.

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  • Erika August 9, 2012   Reply →

    Hello AJ big fan!
    Q- how can i transfer LR 4 Pictures to Photoshop 10 ?? so i can continue to work on them ?

    • A.J. Wood August 9, 2012   Reply →

      Erika – thanks! Based on your question, I believe your are using Photoshop Elements 10. In answer to your question, you can setup PSE 10 to be the default editor out of the Develop module. Open Lightroom’s preferences found under the “Edit” menu on a PC, or the “Lightroom” menu on a Mac. Choose the External Editing tab. If PSE10 is not your default editor, you can add it as an additional editor. To bring images into PSE10 from Lightroom, simply right-click an image, choose “Edit In” from the context menu, and choose PSE10 from the list.

      Doing this will create a copy of the Lightroom image, which you can continue to edit.

      – A.J.

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