In Twitter Years… I’m Dead…

Good evening & good day.

It’s been two months since my last blog post, a decade in blog time, and the last recorded tweet has me dead by the standards of social media. As a seasoned blogger I’m not all that concerned, back in the day the “blogging break” was all the rage, but as Shama Kabani says, “…social media marketing – it isn’t the first thing you do. It’s the last.”

For the loyal readers & inquiring minds, yours truly has been busy busy busy doing what he does best – teaching. I’m also working feverishly behind the scenes hoping to do a relaunch of this website, and launch new projects come 2010. I’ll be announcing a few contests shortly and I hope the faithful will help me get the word out. You can get a jump start on the contests by becoming Facebook fans of my work and my company.

Until then, keep your camera with you, and your lens cap in your pocket.

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