Send Scott Citron Some Love

I have had the privilege to meet a few folks while growing my business, and traveling the country. Many of them are gurus in the industry, authors, well-respected educators within the Adobe community. One such person is Scott Citron.

While I don’t know Scott very well, I appreciated his dry sense of humor & wit the few times I heard him speak during gatherings of Adobe InDesign chapter leaders. I found him easy to talk to, and we swapped a few stories about clients we had in common.

Recently, Scott was in a very serious car accident. He suffered a number of injuries, was admitted to ICU, and just last week was brought out of sedation after multiple surgeries. One of the first things Scott said upon regaining consciousness was “This sucks.” Sandee Cohen has immortalized those words with a design in support of Scott’s recovery.

Please take a moment to read Scott’s story, leave some get well comments, and purchase some “This Sucks” gear.

UPDATE – 08/07/2008Scott is awake & waving.