And Your Here Because?

Sarah needs a new title. I need a new layout. Will it make that much of a difference to you? There aren’t many sites that I look at on the `net (I just don’t have the time), but the ones I do it’s strictly due to content. Whether it’s cool photos, great writing, good music or just new faces, I might have a comment about the design, but I certainly wouldn’t stop visiting a site because of it.

I know a lot of sites out there have excellent design, MUCH better than anything I do here. But then a lot of sites have nothing to say, but “WOW, look at the really kewl design I made” or “Brand new layout – Woot!” If that’s all a site has to offer my interest is lost pretty quick.

Sarah’s site reminds me of those yummy chocolate oranges my Mom has over the holidays. Who cares about the shiny foil wrapper? It’s all about the chocolate baby.


Marcus & SamanthaWOW. This day is going by really fast. I blinked and it’s already past 3pm? Damn… okay here’s my quick Thanksgiving summary:

Michelle & I had an enjoyable time down in Corpus Christi. It’s always nice to get out of town and visits with her sister’s family are relaxing from the standpoint that Rudy & Diana don’t have a computer or even talk about the Internet and the twins do something new each day. Marcus & Samantha are almost a year & half old, but they are already walking AND running. Even the smallest increase in motor skills or mental capacity brings cheers & hollers and I have to say, being there you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement.

Staying in Corpus also means baseball, specifically Michael’s pony league games. Michelle’s family has some great athletic genes. Michael just turned 10 and you can already tell what a natural athlete he is. Add the discipline his father brings to every practice session and Michelle’s nephew might very well be the Tiger Woods of baseball. Case in point, out of three games played last weekend the two Michael didn’t pitch his team lost 14-2 & 14-0. The one game he did pitch the team won 9-2. He wasn’t even playing for his regular team. Too bad the coaches didn’t listen when Rudy said “My son is a pitcher”. Ah, the politics of the PTA circuit.

Michael throws a strike!

So all-in-all our weekend was good. I didn’t think about the `net while we were gone, but a lot of stuff happened eh?

Can you believe Tony can’t get his book printed? He was told his book was obscene and anti-American. WTF? Tony says the book may not make it out until after Christmas. Too bad, I wanted some reading on the long flight up to Detroit over the holiday.

OK, I’ve work to do. More posts later.