Top Five Reasons to Attend Big(D)esign 2011

Afternoon everyone!

We’re beginning to hit the summer swing, and conference season is upon us. Next month July 14-16 is the annual Big(D)esign Conference. If you’ve never attended AND you’re a creative in Dallas/Fort Worth–WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!? I know, I can be a little too enthusiastic. Here are the Top Five reasons to attend BigD:

  1. Pick a topic of interest: Mobile, Usability, Content Strategy, Career Development, Design, Gaming, Development. BigD’s schedule has you covered.
  2. Ignite Dallas! Wait… you don’t know what that is? OMG! Come out and experience the fun of IQ points rising.
  3. Networking as a social experiment. See what happens when people actually interact in real time.
  4. Speakers. No, not the ones made by Bose, the people who will be speaking at BigD. Some of the best & brightest in our industry, e.g., Dave Curlee, Brian Sullivan, John P, Cali Lewis, will astound you with their brilliance.
  5. You’ll learn something. Aside, from meeting great people, watching some AWESOME presentations, the purpose is to leave a little bit smarter than when you arrived. That will happen at BigD.

Brian Sullivan was kind enough to extend a discount code for loyal Adobe enthusiasts. Use adobe2011 when registering to get 25% off the conference passes.