We All Wanna Be Big Rock Stars


Rumor has it yours truly was a musician at one point. Indeed, I was a keyboard player, and what I lacked in discipline I made up for with a small bit of talent. I had some early success, nice college scholarship, and at the age of 19 I was making more money than I could responsibly handle. I took some gigs, dropped out of school, and within six months I was in a car accident that abruptly put my music career on hold. When the dust settled, I was left without a degree, and no plan outside of music.

It’s been years since that time in my life, but today’s Twittering mustered up a bit of nostalgia. Oh yeah, I wanted to be a rock `n roll hero growing up. Guitars ruled, but I could make any keyboard look cool. My good friend Ron shared his inspiration and some great music. Here are the songs he wrote and the jams I had a chance to play.
My favorites are marked in red.

She Reminds Me (up tempo)
© 2001 Ron Abraham
All Rights Reserved
Your Girlfriends Lied (rock)
© 1991 Ron Abraham
All Rights Reserved
Crybaby (rock)
Company (ballad)
Motormouth (rock)
Immigration Man (rock)
© 1989 Ron Abraham
All Rights Reserved
Too Much In Love (ballad)
Ipso Facto (ballad)
The Harbour (ballad)
Once In A Lifetime (mid tempo)
Granuloma / Borrowed Time (instrumental)
Antoinette (ballad)
Let Me Go (rock)
Eyes of Love (mid tempo)
Break Some Hearts (mid tempo)