WINNER – NAPP Giveaway Contest #1

Congratulations to John “Doc” Strange!!! Doc chose Matt K’s “Mastering HDR” to help him get a start on HDR photography. My thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and NAPP for donating the DVD prize. Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win as there will be plenty of contests in the future. Everyone can take advantage of my promo code “ajwood” if you want to join NAPP today. You’ll get a discount and DVD as a gift to you.

NAPP Giveaway Contest

CONTEST IS CLOSEDRead the Winner Announcement


Thanks for joining me on the blog. Are you excited? I’m excited. As your newest NAPP Evangelist, I’m happy to be kicking things off with a DVD giveaway contest. Just who is NAPP you ask? Simply stated, “It’s where EVERYONE goes to learn Photoshop.” You can join the NAPP Nation right now and get a discount when you use my promo code “ajwood”.

Alright, one lucky person will win their choice of ONE of the DVDs listed in this blog post. Available DVDs include:

Live Wedding Shoot: From Start to Finish – David Ziser

Here’s your opportunity to be David’s “virtual assistant” during a live wedding shoot. Learn from a master photographer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. David is one of the best, and even non-wedding shooters stand to learn something new about lighting, composition & other applicable skills.

Lightroom 3 Power Session – Matt Kloskowski

If you already have experience using Lightroom and just want to know what’s improved in Lightroom 3 this is your DVD. Matt walks you through all the changes including importing photos, tethered shooting, slideshow movies & more.

Mastering Selections – Dave Cross

You won’t become a Photoshop Power User until you master the art of making selections. In this DVD Dave walks you through various selection techniques which are sure to make you a pro.

Channels & Masks – Corey Barker

Are you pretty good with Photoshop and looking to take that next step? Have you used Layer Masks, but just don’t feel comfortable yet? Corey walks you through the ins & outs of using Channels & Masks in this DVD.

Mastering HDR – Matt Kloskowski

HDR. Folks either love it or hate it. You just want to learn more about it and make your own decision on the technique. Let Matt K give you all the tools you need to be an HDR visionary.

To enter the contest simply do the following:

1. Leave a comment to this specific post stating which DVD you want & why.

2. Only one contest comment per person. Duplicate IP addresses will be void your entry. (Feel free to leave non-contest related comments or questions)

3. Use a valid email address, preferably one that you check so I can contact you if you are the winner.

4. You must be at least 18 to participate. (Kids have your parents enter for you)

5. This contest is global, there are no location restrictions.

6. Entries are also being accepted on my Facebook page. You DO NOT need to enter in both places, and only one entry will be counted.

Contest is open until Monday, November 15th at midnight CST. I will use to draw a winner who will be announced in a separate blog post next Tuesday, November 16th. Winner will be contacted by me via email with instructions on how to claim their prize.

NOTICE – FTC law requires me to state I am not offered any similar prizes for hosting this giveaway.

If you have any questions about the contest send an email to “contact” @ this domain, with the subject “NAPP Giveaway”. You can also message me on Twitter or leave a comment. And don’t forget, anyone can take advantage of NAPP membership to improve their Photoshop experience.

CONTEST IS CLOSED – Read the Winner Announcement

NAPP Nation – Photoshop World Orlando 2010

I’m still coming down from the high that is Photoshop World. Truly, as an adult it has become my favorite holiday. This was my 6th visit to PSW, but the first time I’ve attended in the spring. It was fun to catch all the great performances BEFORE everyone has a chance to talk about it on Facebook & Twitter. The party’s a lot more exciting when you don’t know what’s coming.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in Orlando, and it was great to meet so many Twitter & Facebook folks in person for the first time. Chatted with Adobe folks at the Tweetup, and celebrated my 40+ birthday during the NAPP forum party. I met the genius that is @ErikBernskiold, chatted with fab designer @Firgs, hung out with the likes of @Elorg, @EGower, @AprilAndrews & the infamous @Vanelli. Caught up with friends Dawn, Terry & Heather, had a chance to chat some with David Ziser and his lovely wife LaDawn. I have been through most of the classes at PSW, so I was really looking forward to seeing new presentations. Zack Arias DID NOT disappoint. Walked away humbled, and excited at the possibilities. Of course, you can’t go wrong watching Joe McNally, and I enjoyed catching RC talk about websites for photographers & Rod Harlan share his knowledge of social media. Missed Alan Hess Precon, but had a chance to catch his session, and chat with him after the After Party. Some amazing talent at PSW, met Michael Green at the NAPP forum party (he’s featured in the Westcott catalog don’t ya know), Joey Wright at BB Kings (designers who photograph have an edge), chance encounter with Sandy Foster (from Dallas) at the NAPP forum party the day before she won the Vinny–CONGRATS AGAIN!!!

People ask me why I attend over & over–how could you not want to be around the best in the world as often as possible? I can’t emphasize this enough Photoshop World is THE learning conference to attend if you are a creative. I’ve been to Imaging USA, MacWorld & other events. Other conferences serve as infomercials for their presenters & vendors. PSW is not only a fun place to network with other creatives, THIS conference provides classes that educate, inspire & motivate the artist in all of us.

In summary:

Scott Kelby tells you what you missed at Photoshop World.

Terry Reinert has some ideas on what to do now that Photoshop World is over.

Here’s a quick Flickr gallery of snaps from PSW.

Photoshop World – Midnight Madness

Good morning dear readers. If you haven’t been watching the #PSW hashtag then you might not have seen the announcement that I won the “Photoshop Challenge EXTREME” last night at Midnight Madness here in Vegas at Photoshop World. What a crazy night. I wanted to thank @NAPP_News for calling me out as a contestant, and @JohnPoz who also encouraged me to throwdown a Photoshop tip in public. I also have to thank @JohnPoz for taking photos of the contest so there would be public record of the hazing I took as a proud member of NAPP. (I couldn’t have gotten through without that final kiss of encouragement from @LayersTV_RCOMG LOL!!!)

Finally, a shout out to @JustinSeeleyPatrick LaMontagne, @DawnMHSH, @TKRPhoto, @TigerBright, @RomyYoung, @MattKloskowski, @JanineSmith, @Edpflager, @Vanelli, @ScottKelby and all the Twitter peeps I finally met in person here in Las Vegas. It’s cool when the bond created through social media extends offline.

Checkout some of the pictures @JohnPoz took last night:

I’ll be posting more of John’s pics on my Flickr page later today.

2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk

Hey folks. It’s another crazy week around here, and if you missed yesterday’s post it’s because there wasn’t one. I didn’t catch any events on the DFW calendar this week SO if YOU know of one leave a comment or email me.

Today there are TWO important announcements:

1. Signup NOW for Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk. Dallas registration is open, and I will have event details coming very soon. Only 50 spots are available, and just like last year THEY WILL GO FAST. If you didn’t attend last year find out what you missed on Scott’s blog.

2. Adobe Community Expert AND Photoshop Genius, Chris Tarantino will be giving a Retouching Webinar next Wednesday, May 27th. This event is so FANTASTIC I couldn’t wait until Monday to post. It’s only $10 which is INCREDIBLY generous for someone of Chris’s extensive resume. I may just have to bribe him with his favorite libation so I can get a front row seat.

As always, you can catch updates quickest from me on Twitter.