What’s New in Creative Cloud – Keep Track of Continuing Updates

2023-10-01 – Added Firefly

2023-03-01 – Consolidated Photoshop & Illustrator entries as desktop & iPad versions are referenced on the same page on Adobe.com

2022-11-12 – Added Substance 3D Modeler, and updated product links to reflect changes on Adobe.com

2021-12-30 – Updated Spark to reflect new branding Creative Cloud Express.

2021-10-17 – Added new section highlighting Adobe tools that are NOT part of Creative Cloud.

2021-08-30 – Added InCopy to applications list. Moved Dimension to archived list.

2020-10-30 – Added Illustrator iPad to applications list.

2020-06-17 – Added Spark, and Substance 3D tools to applications list.

2019-11-01 – Added Fresco, Aero, and Photoshop iPad to applications list.

2019-01-24 – Updated URL for Kyle Webster brushes, and added how to install reference link.

A primary benefit of Creative Cloud is the ongoing feature releases for desktop apps. It can be tough keeping up with every release so I’ve provided a list of popular CC apps with links to their “What’s New” feature timeline. Be sure to bookmark this page as I continually update it with new app releases, and changes to the permanent links on Adobe.com.

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The following applications are sorted by general category. I realize Photoshop can be used for drawing, Dimension can be used for compositing, etc. As the Adobe app portfolio continues to grow on desktop and mobile readers have found one long list of apps hard to decipher.

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