Animal Cruelty

People know me as a cat guy. Actually, I’m an equal opportunity pet person. I also have no tolerance for anyone who tortures animals of any kind. Caught this story about a cat serial killer on CNN this morning and I hope they find the sick bastard and string him up. Of course, if these killings are similar to the events in Phoenix five years ago then the perpetrator probably won’t get caught.

Not sure what motivates someone to torture animals for fun. I was in San Antonio a couple of years ago when I caught some teenagers roasting kittens on a barbecue pit. They had fired up the coals and were poking the kittens with sticks as they tried to get out of the fire. I was unable to save the kittens and I only managed to grab one of the teenagers. It took A LOT of self-restraint to keep from kicking the kid’s teeth in and lucky for him the police arrived quickly on the scene.

I don’t know if animal torture is on the rise, but it was a recent theme in the X-Men comic book series. Marvel Comics teamed with the Doris Day Animal Foundation back in May as part of a comics for compassion campaign.

There’s plenty I have to ramble on about, but it will have to wait until after classes today.