Flashback Malware Affects 600,000 Macs – Five Steps to Secure Your Mac


As reported this week, as many as 600,000 Apple computers were infected with malware dubbed “Flashback” with the majority of users being in the USA. This particular variant uses a Java exploit and is NOT the same malware that was first seen in September 2011 and was associated with Adobe’s Flash Player. IT DOES NOT […]

Aperture 3 vs Lightroom 3 (beta 2) – Feature Comparison Review

This is feature comparison review of Aperture 3 vs Lightroom 3 (public beta 2). While it is not my intention to be overly favorable of Lightroom, my opinions reflect those of an Adobe Community Professional & Lightroom enthusiast. There are definitely things I like in Aperture. That being said, what follows are my thoughts & […]

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Why You’ll Buy The iPad Even Though You Don’t Want One

After months of speculation, followed by  the device’s introduction–the iPad is here. I didn’t buy one, nor did I intend to make a purchase, but let me tell you why I will anyway. My initial thought is the iPad is for content consumption not content creation. It’s not as powerful as my Macbook Pro which […]

Aperture 3 vs Lightroom 3(beta)

UPDATE 04/26/2010 – I have written an updated feature comparison of Aperture 3 vs Lightroom 3 Beta 2. You couldn’t have gotten too far into your day without hearing the announcement that Apple released Aperture 3 for photographers. I received a number of messages today, some asking if I heard the news, and many others […]

Quick Links Around the Internet

If you hadn’t already caught the buzz on Twitter, there’s a new iPhone app Photo Keys that turns the phone into a controller for Photoshop. Works on Mac or PC. Downloaded it yesterday, looks pretty cool so far. Adobe has Photoshop.com but have you wondered what a web version of Photoshop might be like? Give […]

Apple iPhone Features Wish List

It’s almost midnight as I type up this quick entry. Quick being the objective as I’m still a bit under the weather and according to the docs, should be resting this bit of pneumonia instead of chatting late into the evening. However, I’m reminded that minutes equal days equal months and before you know it, […]

Everyone Can Use My Credit Except Me

If you followed me on Twitter yesterday, you know I was at the Apple store trying to purchase an iPhone. I bounced in about 1PM, and after talking to a couple of store reps decided to take the plunge. What followed next was the longest 2.5 hours of my day. I’m going to link you […]