Lightroom 4.2 Update Available for Download

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

Adobe announced that the Lightroom 4.2 update is available for download. Lightroom should have prompted you to update, but if you ignored or cancelled the message simply go to the menu and choose Help–>Check for Updates. You can also download the updates directly from Adobe’s website.

Critical Bug Updating Lightroom 3 Catalogs to Lightroom 4

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

Adobe released Lightroom 4 this week to the cheers of many photographers. I wanted to bring to your attention a VERY CRITICAL bug that will impact your Lightroom 3 Catalogs. Thank you to David Swinney for bringing this to my attention via my Facebook page. It appears that if you update a Lightroom 3 catalog […]

Quick Adjustment Brush Tip in Lightroom – I Create Content #16

It’s Monday, and I’m back in the studio. I had a great time last week at both Photo Pro Summer School & the D2WC conference. Met a lot of great people, hungout with some kickass industry professionals. Today I have a quick tip on using Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush. Check it out, and remember – RATE! […]

Using Snapshots vs Virtual Copies in Lightroom – I Create Content #15

Alrighty, it’s the first official day of D2WC and I’m looking forward to all the presentations that will be delivered throughout the day. I’m speaking tomorrow on InDesign Interactive Media, so today I’ll be on the show floor answering questions and helping out. Wednesday’s video prompted the question, “When do I use Snapshots vs Virtual […]

How to Use Before & After Previews in Lightroom – I Create Content #13

Good morning my dear readers. Hope you’re weekend was relaxing, fun or whatever you needed it to be. Yesterday, I had the privilege of presenting “Social Media for Photographers” at the Photo Pro Summer School in Lexington, KY. I just finished delivering a Lightroom presentation for Day Two of the conference, and I am now […]

REVIEW: Cyberlink PhotoDirector 2011 vs Adobe Lightroom 3


Last month over 75,000 people participated in the beta program for Cyberlink’s new photo editing tool PhotoDirector 2011. I had the opportunity to take a look at the program, and compare it to existing programs, i.e., Adobe Lightroom 3 & Apple Aperture 3. Many initial reviews have compared PhotoDirector to Lightroom, and you cannot deny […]

Add or Combine Fireworks to Photos with Blend Modes in Photoshop – I Create Content #10

{EAV_BLOG_VER:32c81092090a7430} Happy July 4th!!! If you’re reading the blog, how I appreciate your patronage & dedication. I’ll make it quick, as today is one to reflect on all our great country has to offer. In keeping with the patriotic theme, I’ve included fireworks in today’s tutorial. Enjoy!

Find Offline or Missing Images Photos in Lightroom – I Create Content #3

We wrap up one week of shows, three episodes in the can. Today’s deal is brought to you by Jason Anderson the host of the Learning Digital Photography podcast and infamous Canon Blogger. Jason has just released the Photographer’s DIY Legal Kit, a series of contracts every photographer should have in their camera bag. The […]