Buy A Piece Of History

OK, so those that know me are aware that I don’t blindly recommend anything. I’ve got to be pretty damn impressed if I tell you see this comedian, watch these videos and buy these CDs dammit!!!

Well, I am here to endorse yet another product that I have no personal stake in – a blog compilation by Tony Pierce. I’m not a writer, quite frankly I don’t even read as much as I think I should, but I read Tony’s blog – EVERYDAY. I read Tony’s writings because it exercises my brain, because he entertains me, because sometimes I agree with what he says, sometimes I don’t, but regardless I can’t help but digest every syllable he spews out in manageable packets across the Internet.

So when Tony says he’s going to compile all those photo essays, commentary and interviews into offline reading material, I say that’s a book worth buying. Do yourself a favor, buy a copy while there’s still a discount and tell him A.J. sent ya.

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  • tony November 9, 2002   Reply →

    thanks for the nice words, AJ

    youre the man!

    and congrats on the engagement!!!

  • tony November 9, 2002   Reply →

    p.s. no photo essay in this book. sorry if i insinuated that there were some. maybe later. this one just posts pictures and poems.

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