Pablo Francisco at The Improv

Dean LewisMichelle & I made a trip to the Improv this evening to see Pablo Francisco. Wish you could have been there. It’s a rare event when all three comedians are dead on, but I almost passed out from lack of oxygen I laughed so hard.

The show opened with Dean Lewis, a local favorite at the Improv. Dean provided some humorous insights such as “You ever notice that people who need guns to protect their stuff own a bunch of crap?” or “Don’t you hate it when you flip off the driver next to you then you don’t make the green light?”. He was a terrific warm-up for the rest of the night.

The surprise of the evening was Michael Jr. Normally the featured act is mediocre at best, but Michael put on a fresh performance that had Michelle & I in stitches. Michael JrComedy requires good jokes, smooth delivery, comedic timing and the ability to develop a rapport with your audience. Michael delivered like a veteran performer. We look forward to catching him again soon.

The evening capped with our headliner Pablo! What a great show! Not only was the crowd good (I feel bad when any comedian gets stuck with a bad crowd), but it was great to see Pablo mix up his act. He’s one of the few comedians I’ve seen that has so much material that each show I go to seems like a new event. We snapped pictures after the show and Pablo gave Michelle a free CD. What’s great is he has a new CD coming out January 2003!Pablo Francisco

OK, must get sleep now.

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