Another round of Christmas

Well, this Christmas has been excellent so far. There was a last minute change of plans so Michelle & I spent the weekend with my parents and caught up with my sister Lesli & her friend Matt who were in town from Seattle. Lesli & Matt had to fly home today so we had an early celebration.

It was a relaxing weekend which left everyone stuffed from my mother?s AMAZING culinary skills. Highlights from the weekend included watching Dallas lose to Philadelphia (a third string quarterback no less and why aren’t they playing Emmitt more?) and we watched The Lord of The Rings “Fellowship of the Ring” on VHS with Spanish subtitles. Apparently Matt missed the VERY TINY print on the side of the box when he bought this gift for my folks.

It was great to see Lesli as Christmas is really the only planned get-together we have each year. My sister is now attending law school and I?m sure it?s just a matter of time before she dives head first into politics. Her band Ms. Led is also doing incredibly well having just released their third CD Afternoon In Central Park this month.

Michelle was anticipating her first White Christmas, but so far the weather has been mild. Fortunately, my parents live in the northern part of the state so we did get to see some beautiful country-side, but no snow angels, or snowball fights just yet. I took a bunch of pictures of black squirrels, doves and other wildlife all gathering behind my parent?s house. Will post the new photos when Michelle & I return home.

It was just too much of a hassle to change out our flight so Michelle & I are in town until Thursday. With the family weekend over, we decided to crash at Ron?s place and try and see our friends here in the metro area. Should be fun as we get to do another round of gift-giving.

Of course, we want to hurry home as there?s a madpony gift & two copies of Tony?s new book waiting for us.

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