My Sister the Punk Rocker Coach on MTV’s MADE

If you’re a fan of my website, then you already know about my sister Lesli. To say she’s a superstar is an understatement. My sister is a force of nature, unbridled, and calling the shots since she was 12yrs old. She’s proof that Gary V isn’t the only person who’s been in tune with their DNA since childhood. If you live in Seattle than you might know her as the “Punk Rock Attorney”. That’s right, when she’s not rockin’ out the clubs on tour, she’s kickin’ ass in the courtroom.

People ask me all the time, “Why in the hell do you work so hard?” There’s your answer.

My sister recently appeared on MTV’s MADE where she helped transform a fresh highschool chick into a punk rocker. See the episode below.

Here’s Lesli Covering Depeche Mode

Lesli used to perform with the band Ms Led

Lesli with her current band The Redwood Plan

The Redwood Plan “Push” at Bumbershoot 2010

I missed it… DAMMIT.

On Thursday, October 14th my sister Lesli (of the infamous Ms. Led) faced off against Kurt Block of Young Fresh Fellows/Fastbacks in IRON COMPOSER. This live songwriting competition held at The Crocodile Cafe & presented by the Seattle Rock School tested each contestant as they moved through an aural obstacle course.

One audience member, randomly chosen as the “secret ingredient,” gushed on about his or her current state of affairs (or nefarious past) in a five-minute interview. Each composer then drew inspiration from the personal life-details provided by the “secret ingredient” and incorporated them into an original song.

Each IRON COMPOSER was equipped with “musical kitchens” with the following accoutrements: one guitar, one piano, paper and pencil and one Sous Chef Line Musician. The Sous Chef relayed all information to the house band in parts and conducted live rehearsals with the band on stage. The composers only communicated with the band via the Sous Chef, and had direct access to the band only once, during the final performance.

While most would pshaw at the ease of this particular task the entire 45-minute competition was divided into five nine-minute segments. Each segment contained “Mystery Chaos,” performed by The Interloper (Korby Sears of Seattle School) which attempted to distract the composers from his or her work. As added molasses, each composer drank a shot of liquor at the beginning of each round, consuming five shots in the course of 45 minutes. Only after such consumption did each perform his or her composition.

Needless to say LESLI KICKED ASS!!! Not only did she do the five shots well within the time limit, she had a sixth shot just before her performance and many celebrated toasts after winning. I don’t know many who can write music AND drink everyone under the table.

There are times it really sucks being here in Dallas.


msled_2004.jpgWOW, has it really been a year since my last blog update? *chuckle*

I figured my sister’s birthday was as good a reason to post as I could muster today. Her band Ms. Led has a new album do out in November. You can checkout their flash website to get all the latest info. I should be updating the main HTML site fairly soon.

Feel free to leave her birthday wishes, buy her lavish gifts from or treat yourself and the band by purchasing swag off their website.

Pics From Austin

I know, I know, EVERYONE is waiting for bikini pics. They’re coming… really, sometime this week. You won’t be disappointed.

In the meantime checkout the pictures from the Ms. Led show last Friday night in Austin. Lesli & the rest of the gang rocked down the house. My sister solidified her position as a rock star – a soon to be famous rock star even. Checkout the band’s gig schedule to see when they might be in a city near you.