MOVE REVIEW – Anger Management

anger management movieNot a bad film really. You’re almost forced to see movies you’re interested in right away as the marketing machine behind the titles will generally give EVERYTHING away weeks after the debut. I had thought this movie would be pretty funny and I wasn’t disappointed. Don’t expect a wild hour of Adam Sandler shtick, this movie is a departure from the Billy Madison era of his career. To my surprise it was Jack Nicholson that drove the humor behind this film. To see Adam play the straight man to Jack’s erratic behavior really was refreshing and made an otherwise predictable movie hysterical at times.

The movie did drag in a few spots and I can’t say I didn’t know the outcome a third of the way through, but I’ll probably snag a copy on DVD just for the bridge scene where Adam & Jack sing “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story.

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  • Katie April 15, 2003   Reply →

    Jack and Adam have to be two of my favorite actors–Jack because of his superb acting regardless of role, and Adam because he makes me laugh my ass off. I have to see this movie!

  • Rick Lay April 16, 2003   Reply →

    Hey A.J.

    This movie is being released tomorrow in Australia (movies are released on Thursday nights instead of Friday). Thursdays are also the only evening in Sydney that stores are open past 6pm (just preparing you for your visit!).

    “Anger Management” looks interesting…. I might go see it next Tuesday -which in are called “tight wad Tuesdays” by the locals because the movies are only $9 AUD all day ($5 USD).

    I saw “Punch Drunk Love” a few days ago…. wow! What a departure for Adam Sandler…. there are still remnants of his pee-pee ca-ca comedy days, but for the most part, its a serious movie. Brillant cinematography & supporting actors. The director also did “Magnolia” & “Boogie Nights.” Very mood movie. Recommended.

  • Jen April 16, 2003   Reply →

    OK you really should be a film critic. You have a way of describing things, seriously. I would trust your opinion anyday.

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