Movie Review – Triple Feature

This many people didn’t like the film and where are they now?OK, I put this off, but I’m going to do my best 30 second review of each movie before I go pick up Mich3lle and get out of town for the weekend.

Bruce Almighty
For anyone teetering on the fence with their own personal dogma you just might have a profound spiritual connection with this film. Jim Carrey plays down & out Bruce Nolan who after a string of bad days tells God to piss off. In return God grants him unlimited power and from there the comedy ensues. Amidst the film’s comedic moments I felt relieved to watch somebody else have a crappy day, yelling the same things I would typically yell. Sure the story was predictable and Jennifer Anniston played yet another Jennifer Anniston-like role, but it was campy good fun. Had Jim’s girlfriend been cast as a Mexican I’m sure Mich3lle would have fit the role very well. If you’re an atheist or hate it when movies make assumptions about Heaven or portray God as something not out of the King James edition then this film may not appeal to you.

Grade: A-, will probably buy the DVD.

2 Fast, 2 Furious
Sorry, but you won’t see Devon Aoki or Eva Mendes in the July issue of PlayboyWhatever your opinion was of the first movie the sequel stands on its own. Not because it’s any better or any worse, but seeing the original isn’t a prerequisite to watching the sequel. As action movies go 2F2F follows the same buddy-buddy action formula. While it doesn’t have the chemistry of 48 Hours or Lethal Weapon, it was decent matinee entertainment. The movie drags in a few places, but there’s plenty of eye candy for both sexes. Not as many fight scenes as the first movie, but plenty of car chases. If you’re looking for mindless entertainment MTV style then it’s worth your $5.

Grade: B-, what can I say I dig cars & bikes.

The Italian Job
I’ll take Roland’s word that this doesn’t compare to the original. I have to say Hollywood needs to come up with better marketing. Frankly there are no surprises in this film as the previews give everything away. You know some thieves pull a big heist. You know they get double-crossed. You know an elaborate scheme of vengeance ensues. Whether you like Mark Walberg or not, his performance is not pinnacle to liking this film. Another action picture simply for those that love action pictures. Throw in some witty banter, and this one may be worth a Blockbuster movie rental, but I wouldn’t waste money on the theatre or DVD.Survey says, not as good as the original

Grade: C+

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  • Rhys June 14, 2003   Reply →

    Even looking at that picture makes me think “Hmmm…that film looks like a piece of arse…” (That’s The Italian Job).

    Bruce Almighty looks brilliant (Jim Carrey was on TV last night promoting it), I’ve heard a lot about it.

  • PopDog June 14, 2003   Reply →

    Is that a re-make of the original film ?

    I wish they wouldn’t do that , at least not with classics like The Italian Job.

    Go remake some **** like….. damn I can’t think of any bad movies right now , someone help me out please 😛

  • Roland June 15, 2003   Reply →

    Exactly. The original doesn’t have any double-crossing or “vengence ensuing”. The original takes a good idea, adds a great plot, and has some classic actions sequences (and one totally over-quoted but really quite funny quote).
    Rent. It. Now. 😉

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