Movie Review – Finding Nemo

Dude, I’m the Big Kahuna!I know what you’re thinking, “How can you be reviewing Finding Nemo when The Hulk premiered this weekend?”

Frankly, the filmmakers couldn’t decide if The Hulk should be live action film or a cartoon so I’m not in a rush to check it out.

Finding Nemo was a fun film, if you find whiny, overly-cautious, pessimistic characters played by Albert Brooks funny. It followed that A+B+C formula, but I did enjoy myself. The story follows Marlin (voiced by Brooks) a clown fish who loses his son Nemo to a hobbyist fisherman because he’s over-protective and well kids need room to breath. What follows is Marlin’s quest across the ocean tackling obstacles he would never be inclined to face otherwise. Meanwhile, Nemo finds himself adjusting to being a “tank fish” on display in a dentist’s office. Tension mounts as Nemo learns from an eclectic gang of tropical fish that he’s a gift for the dentist’s niece the infamous “fish killer”.

The film offers many hilarious moments as Marlin battles sharks, jellyfish, scary-indescribable-no-reference-on-the-official-website-fish, rides under-sea currents, whales and generally struggles with his own pessimistic outlook. Nemo has many ”,coming of age” moments with the other tank fish and proves himself quite the hero towards the end of the film.

If you’re a Disney fan and admire the work of Pixar Entertainment then you can’t possibly be disappointed with this movie. The film entertains adults & kids alike and I would definitely recommend it on DVD.

Grade: B+ (For using plot formula and I’m not a fan of Albert Brooks)

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  • Cyn June 22, 2003   Reply →

    Gus of went and saw the Hulk and he said it sucked. The beginning and end was exciting, but the middle dragged.

    Personally, I’m holding out for Charlie’s Angels.

  • Lauren June 22, 2003   Reply →

    Ah I loved Nemo! I have no desire to see the Hulk, but I’m waiting for Seabiscuit 🙂 Go figure right?

  • RP June 23, 2003   Reply →

    Movies like Nemo are the reason I will never grow up. Well, that and alcohol. And young girls. And video games.

    I have no chance.

  • Da Goddess July 3, 2003   Reply →

    Lanternfish. But, I only know that because I’m at the aquarium all the time with my son.

  • ghj April 7, 2004   Reply →

    That lanternfish there was soo cool

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