Happy Tree Friends

They’re Your Happy Tree Friends!Overheard today at the school library:

“So this gal wants to come stateside.”

“What girl?”

“This gal I’ve been chatting through Ultimate Singles.”


“We’ve been talking for about a month now, she lives up in New York. She’s incredibly hot.”

“Really? She sent you her picture?”

“Oh yeah, she’s sent me over a dozen pictures already. Only thing is I just found out her Visa is going to expire. Turns out she’s Russian.”

“NOOO Shit.”

“Yeah, she said she needed $600. I haven’t decided what I’m gonna do yet. She said she wants to come down here to Dallas and move in with me.”

“Dude. Might be a scam dude.”

“Maybe, but isn’t she hot?”

At this point I had to go back to class and for the briefest of moments I thought I’m not so completely screwed up after all.

All right my peeps, time to bust out some linkage:

I didn’t come across any kittens, but Agent Perry will certainly enjoy watching episodes of the Happy Tree Friends. Reminds me a lot of Itchy & Scratchy, but then so do Ren & Stimpy. If you’re looking for gruesome with a purpose check out the little ninja boy series Ninjai that’s be making the rounds over at Atom Films. And if you’re looking to walk your dogma I’m sure the cartoonist over at Sinfest has a few funnies that will make you laugh. (Those that have been hangin’ here for a while know I love me some Sinfest)

Hump Day Hoozas! to Kristen (need the 411 on the blog name girlie), Melissa who turned some new folks on to my blog and Jer who sent me a cool e-mail AFTER tellin’ his peeps about my blog.
I love Sinfest

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  • Kristen July 16, 2003   Reply →

    Haha, I forgot that I never put anything up saying what my domain name means. It’s actually just my first initial with the first 3 letters of my last name. Pretty unoriginal but I couldn’t think of anything else. I put the explanation up on my about page though. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Lauren July 16, 2003   Reply →

    Ah, gotta love the internet scam artists. 🙂

  • mean colleen July 16, 2003   Reply →

    tell that guy that i’m hot, brazilian, and i only need $399 to move to dallas with him.

  • Rick Lay July 17, 2003   Reply →

    Sounds like a Nicole Kidman movie called “Birthday Girl”…..

  • ^5 A.J. !!!!! Maybe one day I’ll as talented a photographer as you are. : )

  • Jer July 17, 2003   Reply →

    I’d go for $389 and i might let him hug me. I’m not hot, russian, or female, but i suppose I could go for a hug at nearly $400 bucks…
    besides… i haven’t been to texas yet if he threw in another $389 bucks… I’d bring Mel so we could go site-seeing.
    People’s stupidity always seem to amaze me, you’d think i’d be used to it by now.
    Thanks for the plug!!

  • Amy July 18, 2003   Reply →

    I was at the bar the other day and this guy blurted out “I’m only attracted to girls that do coke”. I immediately whippped back “WOW, I feel normal. Oh, did I say that outloud??”. And that’s a lot for someone like me to say…. 🙂

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