Movie Review – Bad Boys II

This movie is rockin’ & rollin’WOW. Some cool car chase sequences in this film. Maybe there weren’t terminator cyborgs or albino ninjas with cool sunglasses, but the driving was intense, the bodies were rollin’ and the explosions were BOO YA BABY!!!

Bad Boys II makes no reference to its predecessor, we’re dropped head first into the action. As far as a character timeline it’s hard to be certain if the movie takes place eight months or eight years from the last film. Sure the plot is held loosely together and maybe there could have been more witty banter, but lack of action this film does not have. There are plenty of gun battles, car chases and they still had the time to throw in Martin Lawrence tweakin’ his own nipples. In fact, one of the chase scenes reminded me of an old Jackie Chan flick.

As with Pirates of the Caribbean, the special effects didn’t distract from the action at hand. There are some great “bullet time” sequences which captured some pretty gruesome action. Was the movie realistic? Probably not, but like Monday night wrestling this film had you cheering on the good guys as they kicked ass and made the bad guys feel the pain.

Grade: B+ (Why they chose Dan Marino to cameo I have no idea)

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  • Roland July 21, 2003   Reply →

    Hey AJ, have you seen The Transporter? It’s out to rent now (in the UK, at least), and it’s a fairly good action film you may like…

  • A.J. Wood July 21, 2003   Reply →

    Heh, I caught The Transporter when it was still in the theatre. As action pictures go, I thought Jason Stratham made a decent transition from films like Snatch and Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels to a straight action picture. He was very believable as a martial arts expert (if he has no real world expertise).

    BUT and this is a big one, the poor cinematography killed any great fight sequences. This is really common in a lot of films I’ve seen recently. The shots are always zoomed in too close, the camera moves too much against the action and while you see lots of arms or legs moving at intense speeds you never really catch the fight choreography.

    Heh, I’ll still end up with the DVD though.

  • oral bonnerp December 14, 2003   Reply →

    I believed the movie was very terrible. They were trying too hard to make the movie funny and graphic. The story or plot so to speak was ridiculous as in this day and age no wealthy person is going to save so much money in a rotten down basement with rats eating all the cash. Silly idea. With all this technology today are people still trying to traffic physical money from one country to another. There are so many ways to launder money via electronic means. there were also too many unnecessary “f” words.
    Overall I was very disappointed in the entire movie.

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