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Metal heads never dieI’ve got a three day weekend then just two exams and one presentation next week to finish the semester. So far the grades are holding steady. I got 100 on Tuesday’s math exam (before you Ooh & Ah it was only Algebra) so unless I come down with a case of blind rage and bludgeon someone in class I think I’ll have another 4.0 this term.

Yesterday Acidman pointed out this story about an Australian saxophonist who had his fingers cut off. There’s something under the surface on that one, but I empathize with the guy’s situation. I mean I almost cut my own fingers off once. Actually, I was only stupid enough to severe the tendons so playing Beethoven was no longer an aspiration. Of course, had I been that dedicated to my music to begin with I’m sure I would have found my place in it somewhere.

But enough navel gazing. I was inspired by the Hosemonster’s entry to rattle off about my fascination with guitars. Maybe I’ll pick up a new hobby before I get too old. Metal gods will never die.

Nothing but a stick with six strings
Resting against the wall… and yet,
Look closely to see
A sleek contoured body
Splashed in Iroc blue,
You strap her on and feel the cool wood in your hands.
As you place the amplifier cord in the ignition
There’s a crackling spark and you feel the power.
You here the low hum of the engines
Through the speakers.
You start our slow, strumming simple eighth note rhythms,
You want to keep control.
Your heart beats faster,
Your adrenaline kicks in and you pick up speed,
You finger dance on the fretboard
Spattering like grease in a frying pan
As you obtain speeds up to Mach 5.
A shift of the whammy bar
And notes jump seconds, fifths and octaves.
Complete control, you and the guitar are one,
You begin your last lap
Only to come abruptly to a halt….
You’ve broke a string….
The dust clears and you’re left standing,
Wanting to take one more lap,
Wishing to play one more note,
Listening to the hum of the engines
Through the speakers.

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  • “Only” algebra? If my math skills were to have a math related definition it would be the epitome of the {}!

  • No doubt on the ’only algebra’ thing….I would say for my math skills “Before you Oh and Ah, it was only popsicle sticks” Ha! Congrats on your exam!

  • Rick July 25, 2003   Reply →

    I remember the tendon incident…. and the hospital afterwards….

  • Cyn July 26, 2003   Reply →

    Hey don’t diss algebra, it’s important! and btw, good job, I got an A in algebra when I took it last year. So what math is next?

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