Vote For My Sister!!!

My sister Lesli KICKS ASS DAMMIT!!!This goes out to all the folks hangin’ in Washington state. If you frequent the 206 area you need to get out and see my sister Lesli blastin’ vocals & guitar for the grrl rocker group Ms. Led. The group was recently nominated as one of the best punk/hardcore bands in Seattle. Help me help my sister get studio time and equipment for her band by voting for them online at the Seattle Weekly website.

Whether your off somewhere in the 509 or next door in the 425 & 253, I would appreciate any votes you can throw.

UPDATE JULY 29 – Thanks again to Roland who pointed out some of the file links were down. I have fixed that as of 6:02AM CST.

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  • Roland July 29, 2003   Reply →

    I started downloading some of the sample tracks (from your downloads page) last night (although I didn’t have time to listen to them before I went to bed), and I noticed that quite a few of the links seemed to be broken…

  • Jer July 29, 2003   Reply →

    Well… she’s got at least one vote now… Though, I’m sure the folks in Seattle will wonder what’s someone from the other coast voting for…(smile)

  • Roland July 29, 2003   Reply →

    Heh. If nothing else, I can at least say that my 6 month work placement as a software QA minion has made me really good at finding things that are broken on people’s weblogs 😉

  • Roland July 29, 2003   Reply →

    And another thing… *g*

    You’d think with all the publicity you’re giving your sister’s band that she’s return the favour. She could at least saying something in an interview like “…recorded all the basic tracks all at once, which probably contributes to the live feeling. Also, go and see my brother’s cool website at!” 😉

  • A.J. Wood July 29, 2003   Reply →

    LOL Roland… yeah, if my blog traffic helps her sell a million CDs then I’ll be expecting some kudos.


  • Jer July 29, 2003   Reply →

    “…I thank the fans for this award. And I can’t forget to thank by brother A.J. for without his website, this wouldn’t have been possible….”

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