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FX Network The ShieldI’m really starting to like the FX Network. Two years ago it premiered The Shield, a gripping drama series about a corrupt special crimes unit in LA. If you somehow missed this show the third season will air January 2004. (The first season is already on DVD, I’m not sure when the second season will be released) The center piece of this drama is Michael Chiklis who gained notoriety on the TV series The Commish which aired on ABC back in the early 90’s. Fans of the ABC show will be especially amazed by the physical transformation Michael underwent to prepare for his role as Vik Mackey on The Shield. The two shows couldn’t be more opposite and as testament to his performance Michael won an Emmy in 2002 for Outstanding Lead in a drama series.

Now FX has introduced another drama series Nip/Tuck. The third episode will be on tomorrow at 10pm EST. If you’re looking for tripped out summer entertainment this show is for you. The series is about two doctors who run a successful plastic surgery practice in Miami. Christian is the fast talking hustler, so twisted in his pursuit of perfection that he trolls singles bars preying on insecure females for easy one-night-stands and even easier clientele. Sean is a man in the midst of a moral crisis and sinking marriage. The true talent behind their practice, he finds himself disgusted by his clientele and even more disgusted with the man he has become.

Cmon, at least you got a new set of breasts out of the dealWhat I enjoy about both of these shows on FX is neither one attempts to moralize or lead the audience into making a decision. Both shows have an advantage being on a cable network as they can push the envelope more without worrying about the boundaries of network TV. Now some will argue that the shows are over exaggerated and unrealistic, but isn’t that what TV & movies are about? I’m not watching these shows for a documentary research, I’m watching to be entertained. I think both shows do just that, in a no-holds-barred, in-your-face, way.

Besides, I need to watch something until Jennifer Garner & Alias return.

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  • I can’t watch The Shield cause that dude reminds me of Mr. Clean….hehe!

  • I have never seen The Shield but happened to catch the pilot of Nip/Tuck, and each spisode since and loved it. I’ll never look at an Easter ham the same way again! Great show and good to see Julian McMahon’s talents being used to the fullest. This aint no Charmed!

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