Happy Birthday Lesli!!!

My sister, the grrl-rocker goddessToday is my sister’s birthday!!!

Seems like only yesterday my claim to fame was the title “BIG brother”. That was a serious gig when Lesli & I were growing up. I adored my little sister (still do) and I was her idol for those tentative kindergarten years. Of course things change, people grow, little sisters soon become independent and big brothers learn to accept change or we die a painful death from anxiety & stress (just kidding).

Ambitious doesn’t even begin to describe Lesli. If I set the standard she surpassed it long ago. She’s grown into a fiery young woman who manages to capture unique experiences first and set the trend for everyone else. The definitive musical prodigy, she is well versed in piano, guitar, bass & vocals.

In fact, she was four years old when she started buggin’ my piano teacher for lessons every Saturday. Lesli would sit through the entire lesson, interrupting, asking questions, tellin’ my teacher that she would be a MUCH better student.

Finally, as a deterrent Ms. Hunt suggested that if Lesli wait until she was older and could read, then maybe she’d talk to our father about piano lessons. Before my lesson was through, little sister found the biggest book we had in the house and started reading out of it. (Heh, a picture with Lesli and that GINORMOUS bible would be priceless)

Either way, Ms. Hunt could no longer refuse lessons and our father was quick to encourage her. Through the years Lesli’s ambition & discipline have pushed her to the limit as not only has she mastered her musical talents, but did I mention my genius of a sister graduated highschool at 15?!?!?!!!

Lesli continued on to complete a dual major in college then followed her dream to Seattle where she’s lived for several years now. When she’s not rocking the local venues with her band Ms. Led, she’s crackin’ the books at UW’s law school.

Whether it’s precise classical instrumentals or blitzkrieg punk vocals, Lesli’s image is not confined by her musical talents. You might say I’m her biggest fan. . .

Checkout Lesli’s website (where her stage name is “Roxy”) and wish her happy birthday for me!

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  • Lauren August 24, 2003   Reply →

    Whoa! Good for her for achieving so much!

  • Rhys August 25, 2003   Reply →

    Ask her who started the tie thingy: her, or Avril Lavigne?!?!?

  • A.J. Wood August 25, 2003   Reply →

    Heh, I would ask, but then Lesli would dropkick me with her combat boots.

  • Roland August 25, 2003   Reply →

    Ass-kickings aside, are international orders of Ms Led CDs possible?

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