Mobloggin’ Mobloggin’…

… we interrupt our regularly scheduled bikini posting to bring you this geek heavy complaint…

Moblogging is a simple enough idea – configure your blogging software to accept posts w/attachments via e-mail and DING! you can update your blog with your cell phone. At least that’s what I thought I’d be doin’ once I got a toy upgrade. Being the autonomous web guy that I am, I wasn’t about to rely on some outside hosting service to put up a moblog. No, I figured I have the savvy & the technology, shouldn’t be a problem.

Unless you consider the need for Procmail filtering on your webhost. Mine doesn’t have that nor do they have any similar mail technology installed. OK, so I did a search for services that would still allow me to keep my moblog on my webserver. Mfop2 looked promising. Setup an account through their service, send your e-mail to them and they’ll route the post to your Movable Type site. Did a test run over the weekend and ended up with this archaic entry. Drat… foiled again.

At the moment I’m more than just a little annoyed. You see, whenever I send an e-mail from my SprintPCS phone with a picture attachment my original message gets encapsulated in an HTML entry that they create. Sure looks pretty for an AOL user, but if I want to send a PLAIN TEXT MESSAGE from my SprintPCS phone I can’t.


If AOL & Sprint insist that Joe Consumer must have technology training wheels fine, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us tech savvy peeps turn that shit off. As it is, I’ll have to find (or Lord help me write) a script that sifts through the Sprint generated code to find my message & attachment so they’ll post properly. My other option is to have my moblog hosted on a service like Text America or Buzznet, but I could still run into the same Sprint issue.

If you’re an early adopter using the SprintPCS service and you got your moblog workin’ drop this fella a hint please.

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  • Jer November 12, 2003   Reply →

    1) Sprint blows

    2) Read Number 1

  • Kimmy November 12, 2003   Reply →

    Have you tried to take a look at

    I have em, and they’re great.

    I’m not sure how the moblogging thing works for Movable Type but I can point you to one for Blogger…although I don’t know what good that’ll do.

  • Roland November 12, 2003   Reply →

    The rare moblogging I do is with WAP using an interface someone did for Blogger ( I don’t use it very often though (generally only when I’m drunk and not at home), as it costs money.

  • Jose January 26, 2004   Reply →

    I’m having the same problem and its really really annoying, i’m trying to set it up with movabletype and so far not much luck. i did run across this script but i’m new with them i can set it up, but how to i impliment it into movable type, like what are the containers i can use? anyway maybe you will have more luck with it.

  • A.J. Wood January 26, 2004   Reply →

    To use the script properly you need to have Procmail or a similar mail program setup with your webhost. My webhost currently does not allow Procmail filtering which is why I am unable to use Mike’s script.

  • Joe March 9, 2004   Reply →

    Try Blogfoot! It seems to work with Sprint AND Movabletype. They probably have their hands on a script like you described.

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