Movie Review – Twisted

The Plot – Jessica Sheppard is a cop on the rise. Having just made inspector with the homicide division she becomes drawn to a series of murders which point to her as the primary suspect. Reconciling a troubled past, Jessica finds her life unraveling as quickly as her choice of one night stands. Confused she doesn’t know who to trust or if she can even trust herself.

The Review – In two words, completely predictable. There’s no need for me to write a long drawn out review of this film. I’ll just say it’s always disappointing to see actors you admire appear in films unworthy of their collective talent. The pace of the movie drags, the suspense is yawn inspiring and the “twist” at the end will have you saying “No really, you think?!?!?!”

The only thing that annoyed me more than seeing Twisted was wasting two free movie passes on it.

Grade: D+

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