Signs… everywhere there are signs

Are you reading the signs?

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The above cartoon from Sinfest seemed appropriate this morning. All too often I find myself asking the Lord for direction, but the communication seems a bit one sided. As a business owner, older-than-average-college-student, husband, new father, it would be nice to clearly see the path God wants me to follow.

How do I discern between my pride and my passion? Am I following the road in His glory or have I not changed direction out of my own stubbornness? When do you give up on a dream in order to take up responsibility?

The past month has been quite a challenge on both a personal & professional level. The dynamic of my life is swirling in whirlpool of choices, and I would prefer not to create a lot of collateral damage with a wrong decision.

And that’s the crux of the problem. You pray, and you take it on faith that you’ll be listening when God whispers in your ear. You pray that gut feeling, or instinct, or sign you think you see is the one that God meant to show you.

But what if you’re so busy looking for the signs you miss your exit?

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  • John Hays July 17, 2008   Reply →

    I know exactly what you mean. I think the best choice is to simply thank God that you have been given so many great options, and try to enjoy them all for as long as it’s feasible. The things most important in your life will naturally rise to the top when it starts getting dicey!

  • Ben Sanders July 17, 2008   Reply →

    Ah – you have discovered what is meant by the phrase “walking by faith.”

    I try to pray that God would first give me wisdom, second that He would shut any “doors” that I attempt to go through which He does not desire. My request for wisdom is two-fold. One, to be able to make wise decisions, and Two, to be able to recognize a shut door.

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