Quick Links for Thursday

It’s a short post this morning, as it was one heckuva day today. I should probably blog it, but frankly I’m tired and have a 5AM day coming in a few hours. Here are some quick links for today:

iPhone Apps Tell The Future – Interesting article about where portable devices, cell phone tech, etc., may be heading based on apps seen in Apple’s App store. There were a handful of apps that I hadn’t downloaded yet so it was a good read for me.

Cursebird – See how foulmouth some of your Twitter peeps can be when they get to chatting. Being a new dad, I’m happy to report no swearing over here. (Old posts within this blog are another story)

20 Best Web Comics – Thought the list wasn’t complete as they left out Sinfest (that’s .NET not .COM) and What the Duck. I thought the comments had a better list than the article.

Download the update for Lightroom 2.3 (Mac|PC)

Photoshop CS4 users will want to update to Camera Raw 5.3. If not already prompted by the Adobe Updater, you can manually install by visiting the Adobe web site.

Signs… everywhere there are signs

Are you reading the signs?

(Click the image above to open full size)

The above cartoon from Sinfest seemed appropriate this morning. All too often I find myself asking the Lord for direction, but the communication seems a bit one sided. As a business owner, older-than-average-college-student, husband, new father, it would be nice to clearly see the path God wants me to follow.

How do I discern between my pride and my passion? Am I following the road in His glory or have I not changed direction out of my own stubbornness? When do you give up on a dream in order to take up responsibility?

The past month has been quite a challenge on both a personal & professional level. The dynamic of my life is swirling in whirlpool of choices, and I would prefer not to create a lot of collateral damage with a wrong decision.

And that’s the crux of the problem. You pray, and you take it on faith that you’ll be listening when God whispers in your ear. You pray that gut feeling, or instinct, or sign you think you see is the one that God meant to show you.

But what if you’re so busy looking for the signs you miss your exit?