Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk 2008

This week Scott Kelby announced the Worldwide Photowalk on his blog. This GINORMOUS event will be held in cities around the world on Saturday, August 23rd. I have the honor of being the city leader here in Dallas, and I’m excited to join in on the festivities. This is an open event, meaning you don’t have to be a professional to attend. DSLR cameras are not required, in fact I’ve read that some folks just use their cellphone cameras. However, attendance is limited to 50 people so be sure to register right away.

Here’s some additional information for those folks interested in signing up:

What is a Photowalk? Jeff Revell was a guest blogger on Scott’s site, and put together this great article on what to expect on a photowalk. It’s a good read if you’ve never gathered with other photographers like paparazzi. *chuckle*

Official Photowalk Website – Scott Kelby gives you an introduction to this gathering of photo enthusiasts. This is a FREE social event, but given Scott’s generous nature there will be a handful of prizes to win. Visit the Dallas city page to register for the photowalk.

Scott’s Photowalk Q&A – Scott answers additional questions that have come up since announcing the Photowalk event.

Dallas was just added last night, and I’m putting together the plans for our city photowalk. Feel free to leave any questions/comments, and I will be updating information on the Dallas city page as well as here on the blog.

REGISTRATION UPDATE 08/01/2008 – Just got the word from John Hays that you need to be sure you pick your city BEFORE submitting the registration form. If you miss that, your email address will get eaten, and you’ll have to register with a different address.

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  • Gene McCullagh August 1, 2008   Reply →

    All signed up and looking forward to the PhotoWalk! Thanks for taking this on.

  • Jim Victory August 2, 2008   Reply →

    Received your e-mail about the “Worldwide Photowalk” but the sign-in doesn’t list Dallas. If your keeping a list put me on it.



  • Neil Culver August 2, 2008   Reply →

    Went to the sign up page, dallas was not listed

  • Milind Kothare August 9, 2008   Reply →

    Have you decided the exact time and location for the 8/23 Photowalk in Dallas? Milind

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