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Adobe has announced version 7 of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements as well as a mobile strategy for the website. Looking at Adobe’s site it appears that these version upgrades are only for the Windows platform. While I understand the rationale, WAAAAAAYYYYY more Windows consumers in the global marketplace, it’s a little disappointing that the Mac version still lags behind. What’s even more annoying is that Adobe’s mobile strategy is setup immediately for Windows 6 Mobile, and not an iPhone–still on my Christmas wish list donate today–which is really a better device for imaging.

As a professional, my day-to-day is inside Photoshop CS3, and rarely do I need to fire up PSE. In the consumer market, interest in PSE is picking up, which caused me to add it to the Media Cats class list. It’s a great tool even for the serious photo hobbyist, and with a price point of $99 it’s a tough program to beat. So long as they don’t make features exclusive to PSE over Photoshop I’ll be okay. I hate having to install an app *cough iPhoto* that I keep just for one or two features I use on occasion.

First reviews of Photoshop Elements 7 seemed to draw a yawn, but PSE has always felt a bit cluttered to me compared to Photoshop. Certainly it does not have the UI strength built into Lightroom. More coverage can be found on the CNET download blog.

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  • Edward December 30, 2008   Reply →

    I truely dislike PSE 7 over the version I had before PSE 4
    I feel as if I’m constantly baraged by advertisements to buy more features. This is especially true when trying to create a calendar for instance. In PSE4.. I just whipped one up.. with PSE 7 I have to ‘sign-in’ to the website (which I refuse to do) and upload my pictures to their creator or whatever..

    I mean, the whole program is just awful!.. just awful!

    I bought $79 worth of Shelf-ware.. and use PSE4

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