Quick Links Tuesday

In case you missed it, RC posted a great tutorial that combines Lightroom’s web gallery upload with the Shadowbox plugin for WordPress last Friday. What does it do? Checkout the flash gallery I created of my daughter.

You may be aware of the service called Twitturly that ranks the most frequent URLs tweeted, but did you know you can pull up the links of your favorite Twitterer? Simply add /user/twittername to the end of the Twitturly URL to pull up links by a specific person. For example to see the latest links I tweeted you would enter the following URL: http://twitturly.com/user/aj_wood Great for grabbing links instead of wading through tweets you may have missed.

Erik shot me an email told me that I should come up with a schedule, announce it, then stick to it. Well, I haven’t figured out the schedule, but once I do I’ll be sure to announce it.

Uhm… so this post was finished about two hours ago BEFORE midnight. Then I went to test my shadowbox gallery and discovered it didn’t work. In fact, many items weren’t working on the site as it seems my WP theme was broken. It’s fixed now, and that post will have to wait for another day.

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