Create a Rubik’s Cube Photo Frame with Photoshop

Yesterday, Janine Smith posted a Photoshop tutorial over on TipSquirrel entitled Cubism. If you don’t know Janine, she’s an award-winning photo restoration artist, and MUCH MORE creative than myself. Before you watch my video, be sure to read her tutorial. (That’s where you’ll find the PSD file Janine created that I use in the video) It’s a great idea, and I wish I had thought of it. Being the Photoshop technician that I am, I quickly broke down the steps to come up with Cubism 2.0. That’s the great thing about Photoshop–talk to 100 different experts you’ll get 100 different methods to accomplish the same task. Thanks to Janine for being this morning’s Photoshop inspiration. Enjoy!

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  • April April 8, 2010   Reply →

    Nice one, AJ!

  • Janine April 8, 2010   Reply →

    Shweet!! Way to step it up, AJ! We make a pretty good team, eh? Of course, that was my only fit of creativity so far this decade, so don’t get too used to it… ;~)

  • Firgs April 8, 2010   Reply →

    Holy flip that’s cool!!! Way to go AJ!!! 😀

  • Jim_T April 8, 2010   Reply →


  • Glyn Dewis April 8, 2010   Reply →

    Fantastic tutorial A.J.
    Totally dig your teaching style mate; totally infectious and damn good too!!!

    Way to go.


    ps> Cracking photos too 🙂

  • TipSquirrel April 8, 2010   Reply →

    What a great extension to the tutorial! Heck I know some talented people.

  • Dawn Camp April 16, 2010   Reply →

    AJ, you are seriously amazing. I had never seen you teach (besides at Midnight Madness!!!) and now I’ve watched two videos tonight. YOU ROCK!

  • jane November 23, 2010   Reply →

    Thanks for share, it’s really great tutorial and really help me a lot

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