Ten Things Beginners Should Know About Lightroom – I Create Content #2

Woo Hoo! TWO SHOWS. We’re on our way people. *grin*

In today’s episode I talk about Cyberlink’s PhotoDirector 2011. If you signup for their beta program you can get a free license when their software is released this summer. Some are calling it a Lightroom clone, and I’ll be posting my thoughts next week.

Adobe recently updated their iPad apps for use with Photoshop. Eazel, Nav & Color Lava are three apps that can be used alongside Photoshop.

In today’s tutorial I demonstrate ten things beginners should know about Lightroom.

Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts – I Create Content #1

Good evening everyone!

It’s a late night post as Monday did it’s best to get away from me. Kicked off the morning with a Photoshop class, had a wonderful visit with the Dallas Municipal Court in the early afternoon, wrapped up with an evening InDesign class and STILL managed to get episode #1 of the new podcast online.

The new show is “I Create Content” and describes anyone participating in today’s digital world. Whether you’re a professional or enthusiast if you’re posting content online this show is for you. I’m expanding the software base to include the whole Adobe Creative Suite, and I’ll be doing product reviews & interviews in the future. The show is release Monday, Wednesday & Friday each week, so plenty of video goodness to go around. In today’s episode I run through some quick Lightroom keyboard shortcuts.

I want to thank Jude Ng for creating the new AE intro, Dave Curlee & John P of Livid Lobster for hooking me up with the green screen & studio time, and J. Schuh aka the TexasAnimator for whipping up such a cool logo. He’s also the man behind the AE Media Cats logo).

June 6 – Week Recap

Good morning everyone. Here’s a recap of this week’s shared content:

1. Ten More Things About Photoshop posted on TipSquirrel. Part of my Top Ten series, you can never have enough Photoshop tips.

2. Working with Nested Styles in InDesign posted on Layers Magazine. InDesign is definitely a “must know” app for designers, especially now in the era of ebooks & tablet computing.

3. Learning Digital Photography Podcast #59 posted on Canon Blogger. YES! It finally happened, I’m actually talking in real time LIVE with none other than Mr. Jason Anderson. I try to get serious, he makes me laugh, you won’t see any of it because it’s an audio podcast.

4. I’ve been helping Sonya Bowser with her children’s book “The Adventures of Zolie Z“. It’s been a fun project that I can share with my daughter.

5. I am VERY EXCITED to have written the featured Lightroom article in the June issue of Photoshop User magazine. I have to give credit to Mike Mackenzie whose editing expertise really makes my writing exemplary. It’s an honor to write for a magazine that I actually read each month and work with the outstanding folks at NAPP. Remember, as your NAPP Evangelist, you can use my name “ajwood” when you join NAPP to receive a free DVD & discount off your membership. NAPP has also been gracious enough to let me post a PDF of my article here are the website. Download A.J.’s Lightroom Article from PSU Magazine.

5. Changes to my YouTube channel. Starting next Monday, I’ll be posting videos three times a week on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Tutorials will continue but future videos will include interviews, product/service reviews, and a few surprises for YOU my loyal viewers.

Well, that’s been my crazy week. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll catch you next week!

Top Five Reasons to Attend Big(D)esign 2011

Afternoon everyone!

We’re beginning to hit the summer swing, and conference season is upon us. Next month July 14-16 is the annual Big(D)esign Conference. If you’ve never attended AND you’re a creative in Dallas/Fort Worth–WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!? I know, I can be a little too enthusiastic. Here are the Top Five reasons to attend BigD:

  1. Pick a topic of interest: Mobile, Usability, Content Strategy, Career Development, Design, Gaming, Development. BigD’s schedule has you covered.
  2. Ignite Dallas! Wait… you don’t know what that is? OMG! Come out and experience the fun of IQ points rising.
  3. Networking as a social experiment. See what happens when people actually interact in real time.
  4. Speakers. No, not the ones made by Bose, the people who will be speaking at BigD. Some of the best & brightest in our industry, e.g., Dave Curlee, Brian Sullivan, John P, Cali Lewis, will astound you with their brilliance.
  5. You’ll learn something. Aside, from meeting great people, watching some AWESOME presentations, the purpose is to leave a little bit smarter than when you arrived. That will happen at BigD.

Brian Sullivan was kind enough to extend a discount code for loyal Adobe enthusiasts. Use adobe2011 when registering to get 25% off the conference passes.


Upcoming Plans for 2011

Good morning all.

There have been some recent inquiries as to the status of the tutorials, tweets, and other such content I post online. I recently started posting new tutorial videos after a longer than expected hiatus. Such is life, always throwing a curve ball or two your way to make things interesting. As a content creator, I realize the need to be consistent, and reliable for the viewing public.

It was a mistake on my part to neglect this website/blog as one of my communication channels. I’ve been so focused on other social media outlets that I overlooked how empty the website appears from a GA (Google Analytics) perspective. Earlier this month, I wrote a post on Tiffinbox about creating a network of professionals to help grow your business. Essentially, why DIY when you can get some help?

Which brings us to today’s post, and my plans moving forward in 2011. Currently, I’m working on updating this website to make better use of the tutorial videos I release on YouTube. Speaking of videos, I’m still hoping to release a full Lightroom training series by the summer. Folks who enjoy my #852am & #Tip12pm tweets will be happy to know that I expect to start chatting everyone up again the first week of May. There are other items I have on the To Do list, and I’ll announce those in the upcoming months.

As always, I thank you for your patronage, and I look forward to being a part of your Internet consumption again in the weeks to come.