Upcoming Plans for 2011

Good morning all.

There have been some recent inquiries as to the status of the tutorials, tweets, and other such content I post online. I recently started posting new tutorial videos after a longer than expected hiatus. Such is life, always throwing a curve ball or two your way to make things interesting. As a content creator, I realize the need to be consistent, and reliable for the viewing public.

It was a mistake on my part to neglect this website/blog as one of my communication channels. I’ve been so focused on other social media outlets that I overlooked how empty the website appears from a GA (Google Analytics) perspective. Earlier this month, I wrote a post on Tiffinbox about creating a network of professionals to help grow your business. Essentially, why DIY when you can get some help?

Which brings us to today’s post, and my plans moving forward in 2011. Currently, I’m working on updating this website to make better use of the tutorial videos I release on YouTube. Speaking of videos, I’m still hoping to release a full Lightroom training series by the summer. Folks who enjoy my #852am & #Tip12pm tweets will be happy to know that I expect to start chatting everyone up again the first week of May. There are other items I have on the To Do list, and I’ll announce those in the upcoming months.

As always, I thank you for your patronage, and I look forward to being a part of your Internet consumption again in the weeks to come.

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  • David Kelly May 5, 2011   Reply →

    Hi AJ,

    I’m a little bit late in reading this post – so I’ll confess to a bit of neglection on my part here too 🙂

    Glad to hear that normal services will begin to resume again, so to speak, and looking forward to seeing those #852am tweets in my tweeter feed again – I’ve missed them!

    All the very best,


  • Roberta May 24, 2011   Reply →

    Just getting around to looking at your stuff after the WordPress meetup last month. It was my first meetup and the information you gave was great. I’ll be watching because the tips you gave that day have helped me a lot!


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