Upcoming Plans for 2011

Good morning all.

There have been some recent inquiries as to the status of the tutorials, tweets, and other such content I post online. I recently started posting new tutorial videos after a longer than expected hiatus. Such is life, always throwing a curve ball or two your way to make things interesting. As a content creator, I realize the need to be consistent, and reliable for the viewing public.

It was a mistake on my part to neglect this website/blog as one of my communication channels. I’ve been so focused on other social media outlets that I overlooked how empty the website appears from a GA (Google Analytics) perspective. Earlier this month, I wrote a post on Tiffinbox about creating a network of professionals to help grow your business. Essentially, why DIY when you can get some help?

Which brings us to today’s post, and my plans moving forward in 2011. Currently, I’m working on updating this website to make better use of the tutorial videos I release on YouTube. Speaking of videos, I’m still hoping to release a full Lightroom training series by the summer. Folks who enjoy my #852am & #Tip12pm tweets will be happy to know that I expect to start chatting everyone up again the first week of May. There are other items I have on the To Do list, and I’ll announce those in the upcoming months.

As always, I thank you for your patronage, and I look forward to being a part of your Internet consumption again in the weeks to come.

POW! BAM! ZING! Updated Website!

Between clients, the birth of my daughter Sydney, finding time for Michelle, school, frequent air travel, and well, that which we call having a life, it’s taken several weeks to get the website redesign flushed out. But here you have it. I chose to build the site using Brian Gardner’s Revolution Theme set. Overall, it wasn’t too difficult to tweak the theme, and Brian has some decent Camtasia tutorials on the website. He has also built a pretty active community around his themes. If Brian cannot assist you with web development, he has several recommended WordPress enthusiasts who can.

I can now direct my attention to generating the content that we (the collective) have so readily talked about in recent months. I have my minions working in the background to transfer content from previous sites, and launching the podcast is the next big update for the blog.

For longtime readers, I appreciate your patience during this transition, and for all the new folks dropping in, expect great things here.