DFW Events – Week of Sept 7th

Good afternoon all. Hope you’re enjoying the Labor Day weekend. Here’s the list of events happening in Dallas/Ft. Worth this week including a Lightroom Seminar presented by yours truly:

Texas Glamour Club – Monday, September 7th at 7pm: Darryl & crew meet tonight at Kerr’s Wing House in Dallas. It will be an evening to kick back, drink a cold one, and gab about photography.

Digital Photography Club – Wednesday, September 9th at 7pm: Lightroom Seminar – Part 1, Organizing in the Library. I’ll be delivering a 2hr seminar on how to use Lightroom’s Library module. Cost $25 adv, $40 door

Texas Glamour Club – Thursday, September 10th at 7pm: Photo Share & Critique Night. Join the guys & gals as they share images from the last photo shoots, and get constructive feedback for improvements. Cost $5

Digital Photography Club – Friday, September 11th at 7pm: Bridge vs Lightroom vs Elements. It’s the showndown you’ve been wondering about. I’ll be talking about where & when you need each piece of software. Cost $25adv, $40 door

Texas Glamour Club – Saturday, September 12th at 1pm: Club shoot with Angela Ryan. Cost $99

Digital Photography Club – Sunday, September 13th at 12pm: Join us for a Texas Rangers game!

DDPMG – Sunday, September 13th at 6:30pm: Get the latest Canon news direct from a Canon rep. Cost $5

That’s the wrap for this week folks. Feel free to contact me if you have future events planned, or if you would like me to add your usergroup to my community page.

Set It Right In Camera with Photojojo’s White Balance Lens Cap

It’s a question that comes up often in my Lightroom & Photoshop classes – what’s the best way to white balance my images?

In the world of post-processing there are a number of answers to that question. Photoshop has Levels & Curves, Layers & Filters, you can click with eyedroppers  or use the new On-Image-Adjustment Tool  in CS4. Photographers using Lightroom have a more straightforward approach as white balance is the first adjustment in the Basic panel under the Develop module. However, beginners & advanced users alike must acknowledge the time it takes to white balance an image regardless of the steps you choose to take. As a production specialist, I’m always looking for ways to reduce the time spent on tasks. My students know that I preach “Actions, Presets, & Macros” because my time is valuable to me. It’s true, I can make Photoshop sing, and Lightroom seemingly bends to my will (I kid, I kid), but the smartest way to white balance your images is to do it right in camera.

*cue music*

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Canon Announces 7D Camera!

canon7dIf you missed the announcement (and really how could you), Canon announced the new 7D camera today. A step up from the 50D, and without full frame like the 5DMkII, I think this is the camera to get if you’re a Canon shooter. Shooting at 8fps will be great for action photos AND it has HD video which the 50D was lacking. Should be around $1700 for just the body. I’ll leave the detailed reviews to @Photo_John & Rob Galbraith. As I checked over at my favorite camera stores, target release should be sometime towards the end of this month.

DFW Events – Week of Aug 31st

Good afternoon all. Here’s the short list of events happening in Dallas/Ft. Worth this week:

Digital Photography Club – Tuesday, September 1st at 7pm: Come out to the Mini-Expo. Local vendors will be on hand to talk about their wares.

Light Tec – Saturday, September 5th at 4pm: A special photo shoot at the Grayson Hill Winery.

DFW Twitter Meetup – Saturday, September 5th at 4pm: Using Google Reader for Twitter Branding.

That’s the wrap for this week folks. Feel free to contact me if you have future events planned, or if you would like me to add your usergroup to my community page.

Top 4 Ways Christians Can Unleash People’s Expectations

Today at Abundant Life Church, our Student Pastor, Donnie Culpepper, asked parents to release their expectations on their children so that God could unleash the potential of this next generation.

The statement about expectations really took hold of me because throughout this past month the message has been about saving our city. Pastor Hennigan challenged the church body to step out and take an active role in delivering God’s message. Based on independent studies, church bodies will dwindle away to almost nothing in the years to come, and 2050 marks a date that would see significantly less people in the Word of God.

I believe a key part to reaching out to people is an understanding of expectations.

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