Canon Announces 7D Camera!

canon7dIf you missed the announcement (and really how could you), Canon announced the new 7D camera today. A step up from the 50D, and without full frame like the 5DMkII, I think this is the camera to get if you’re a Canon shooter. Shooting at 8fps will be great for action photos AND it has HD video which the 50D was lacking. Should be around $1700 for just the body. I’ll leave the detailed reviews to @Photo_John & Rob Galbraith. As I checked over at my favorite camera stores, target release should be sometime towards the end of this month.

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  • detoxtechy October 6, 2009   Reply →

    7D seems like it is packed with more features than the 5D MKii. now i am having a hard time choosing which one to buy.

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