Adobe Announces Creative Suite 6 & Top Five Facts About Creative Cloud

The CS6 web-page went live at midnight. Later today Adobe will formerly introduce the Creative Suite 6 & the Creative Cloud service. If you have Internet access you can watch the CS6 launch event at 12PM CDT.

One of the leading topics leading up to this announcement has been the addition of subscription model pricing to Adobe products. CNET has a review on why you might like subscription pricing. Here are some clarifications on what the subscription model means to consumers:

1. Adobe’s subscription pricing does not mean you cannot purchase a box copy of the full Creative Suite 6 or individual software such as Photoshop. You can choose a Creative Cloud subscription OR buy the box product as before.

2. Using the Creative Cloud service does not mean you have to be connected to the Internet 24×7. Adobe software is still loaded & run locally on your computer. Subscriptions are simply verified online at the end of each billing cycle (every 30 days).

3. If you purchase Photoshop or other Creative Suite software you must buy it for the OS platform of your choice, either Mac or PC. A single purchase allows for a two computer install. Creative Cloud subscribers will be allowed to install on one Mac & one PC simultaneously.

4. Creative Cloud subscribers get access to the ENTIRE suite of Adobe software.

5. UPDATE 06/30/2012 – Subscription pricing is available on a month-to-month basis $74/mo, one year option (paid $49 monthly), student & teacher option for $29 monthly AND current CS3-CS5 owners can subscribe at an intro discount of $29/mo.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be detailing features in the Creative Suite 6. So are you going to purchase CS6 or give the subscription service a try?

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  • Diamond June 20, 2012   Reply →

    I love the software for what it does, but it is to high for the average>

    Why can’t the subscription be a payment towards the full service package?
    Meaning for those who doesn’t have a credit card to pay monthly and as they fulfill
    their obligation than they can purchase the whole suite, just like buying a house.


  • Diamond June 20, 2012   Reply →

    Also, why do the instruction video cost, if you purchase the download than they should be free?

    A small percentage of the artist really accomplish a lot because they don’t have the money to do so.
    Hell, I have $1000 to get the suite and I can’t get another, so I am looking to get some other software that can do the same thing.


  • Diamond June 20, 2012   Reply →

    Also, I would never assume, which is the reason that you don’t let comment just flow because you want to screen if someone has some to say that may be critical.

    Platform like this want be around long?

    I\m happy that you are a moderator but I amazed that adobe couldn’t do what you do, and if I may add that those stat kill. Do people a good service and you will prosper!!! simple.


    • A.J. Wood June 20, 2012   Reply →

      Diamond – you posed a lot of questions.

      I can’t speak for specific Adobe pricing, but I do know the subscription is allowing a lot of people access to the software that otherwise have found it too expensive. With CS6, you can still by the box product if you choose, you do not have to subscribe. Adobe is also continuing to support students & teachers with academic pricing, as well as providing some great upgrade incentives to existing customers.

      As for comment moderation, that simply in place to reduce the amount of auto-generated comment spam this site receives. However, I do reserve the right to remove offensive comments. Simply having a different viewpoint is NOT considered offensive.

      – A.J.

  • Diamond June 20, 2012   Reply →

    Also, lastly if all of my comment has to be moderated, than what is the use, and I am growing sick of your moderation. Who say that you should moderate because it is for adobe that we are looking, but you screen our comments. This is a turn off!!

    So if people are not logging in than here is a clue!!!

    I see a hundred hole in adobe, and what adobe fail to understand is if you continue in you persistance to be the top dog in an expensive way than you will have no future.

    I know that adobe haven’t created nothing really big, and if so in view of software that remains for the elite, while the common people you have done nothing for but given them a adobe reader.

    Who are running this company|? and it is obvious that they have a silver spoon in there mouth.

    Do as you like?


    P.S. I want to make CD covers and graphics and if I find a program than I will buy this.
    I use to respect you’ll, but now you”ll are getting greedy, and if you lose money don’t punish your future customer.

    • A.J. Wood June 20, 2012   Reply →

      Diamond – I’m sorry, but I’ll disagree with your comment that Adobe software is for the elite. As a working professional using the tools that professionals use, there is an investment you will make in your craft. Students & teachers can purchase Adobe software at an 85% discount on the retail price, there is nothing “elite” about that.

  • Spencer October 23, 2012   Reply →

    Well said AJ! It’s pro software, it makes my work easier, it’s not cheap but makes me a good living and more than pays for itself every time and every update. There is plenty of cheap or free software out there for amateurs or aspiring pros. And at last with the creative cloud I can run the software on my main pc and my mac laptop as well as giving me the opportunity to learn new skills with software I could not previously afford and who knows what revenue streams that may give me, and at £27 a month for the first year…nice!

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