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onOne Software Releases Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 Update

Download Perfect Effects 3 for FREEGood morning dear readers.

onOne Software has updated Perfect Photo Suite to version 6.1 improving overall performance of the suite. Current PPS 6.0 users can download the 6.1 update directly from onOne’s website. Enhancements include faster performance with Perfect Portrait, brush improvements in Perfect Mask, and various performance options that can be set by the customer. onOne has listened to you providing stability, speed, and compatibility with Lightroom 4 & the recently released public beta of Photoshop CS6. They have also made Perfect Layers 2 & Perfect Effects 3 FREE to the public. NOTE – if you own the Perfect Photo Suite 6 you already have a copy of Perfect Layers & Perfect Effects.


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  • Don April 13, 2012   Reply →

    You should note that Perfect Effects 3 that is free (hey, that rhymes!) is not the full package. It works the same, but does not have all the presets. You can purchase a lot of these a la cart on the onOne website.

  • John April 21, 2012   Reply →

    I’ve been using Photo Suite 6.0 quite a bit and it worked fine until I updated to 6.1 A few days after the update, the programs began crashing; making them useless. After contacting technical support and sending my error logs, I was instructed to contact NVIDIA technical support due to conflicting module – nvoglv64.DLL. After two separate driver updates – uninstalls / installs and Photo Suite uninstalls / re-installs the problems are the same. The only option left at this point is to roll back to older versions of the Suite. This is a real bummer for me and it seems as though the bugs haven’t been worked out with the stand alone version of Perfect Photo Suite yet. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Milo May 23, 2012   Reply →

      I have an ATI graphics card on my laptop and have a similar problem. 6.1 wouldn’t show any pictures. What’s weird is that if I made changes they would show up if I exported the image and opened it up in lightroom 4. I was told to roll back to 6.01 and although I could see the images, 6.01 constantly crashed on me. Very frustrating to say the least. It seems like they have to do some more beta testing (or am I an unwilling participant in this test?)

  • Rich September 3, 2012   Reply →

    PP Suite 6.1 runs beautifully in CS4 Ex and CS5 Ex and as a stand alone as well. I have just installed CS 6 Ex and uninstalled CS 5 Ex. Now I’m about to install the PP Suite 6.1 into CS6 but I wasn’t clear on whether I should use the Windows “Full Installer” or the “Updater” dowload. So after trying to figure out several ways to ask that in a ‘search’ box with no success, I figure I’ll try the “updater” version first and if it doesn’t work, I’ll try the “Full Installer”.

    It throws me because CS 6 is a fresh download and so in my mind it would need a “Full Install”. But then again, I already have PP Suite 6.1 installed on the computer so… well you see. Anyway, by the time this post is seen, I would have gotten my answer through the results of trial and error.

    OnOne’s CS dept has always been great when I dealt with them and I’m sure if I waited until the holiday, (Labor Day), was over they would set me straight. But maybe this could have been better handled with a more specific or detailed instruction.

    Still, OnOne’s still on my ‘Top-of-the-line’ list.

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